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Mouse House: Disney Academy Awards Nominations Analysis

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    Mouse House: Disney Academy Awards Nominations Analysis

    “It’s a wonderful night for Oscar,” Billy Crystal chanted in his theatrical opening numbers at previous Academy Award ceremonies. Unfortunately for The Walt Disney Studios, it likely won’t be as wonderful an evening for them in garnering awards as previous years. In this edition of the Mouse House, we’ll look at the surprising Disney-related snubs, as well as the general lack of nominations for the runescape gold company.

    What was nominated?

    This year, the company reaped 13 nominations, which sounds like a good total for a studio. However, when you must consider that 11 of those come from Disney-distributed DreamWorks productions, the picture becomes somewhat distorted. The uplifting southern-set drama The Help received four nominations, for the Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories. Viola Davis, at the top of her game, is surely neck-and-neck with the incomparable Meryl Streep, who has gained much attention for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Meanwhile, Octavia Spencer’s memorable performance as Minnie has made her a frontrunner, although co-star and fellow nominee Jessica Chastain provided a pleasant supporting role, too. As much as The Help has been acclaimed by audiences, and many critics, it does not stand much of a chance to win Best Picture, if runescape money previous awards are any indication.

    DreamWorks’ other tentpole picture, War Horse, based on the recently-beloved play, snatched six nominations: one for Best Picture; the other five for technical categories. Many were even surprised that this received notice for the biggest category, as War Horse is one of those films that was expected to be a monumental masterpiece, but has only performed modestly at the box office and did not score with critics as well as other contenders (The Artist and The Descendants, for instance). Nevertheless, count on runescape items this leading the pack for its stirring John Williams-composed score and spectacular cinematography. Last, Hugh Jackman action flick Real Steel picked up some notice, for “Best Visual Effects.”

    Closer to home, Disney specifically only received two nominations: the forthcoming Pixar short La Luna for “Best Short Film – Animated” and “Man or Muppet” for “Best Original Song.” Pixar has failed to snag a win since the delightful For the Birds, released one decade ago. La Luna will be theatrically released with Brave in June, but has been screened in some festivals to much praise. Meanwhile, in the song category, this is the first time is Oscar history that only two tunes have contended – due to some new, complicated rules explained further here by MTV – and that looks good for the astounding 80s-era ballad that is “Man or Muppet.” I think this is the best song to come from Disney in a long time, and that’s saying something, when fantastic songwriting has emerged in recent years from Alan Menken and Randy Newman in their more recent Disney projects. Nevertheless, this faces competition from the popular “Real in Rio,” buy runescape gold featured in animated Rio.

    What was overlooked?

    Well, many could argue much from Disney was overlooked this past year – due to legitimate and silly reasons. For one, Disney-Pixar were still hoping they could lock in a “Best Animated Feature” nomination for the much-maligned Cars 2. Alas, the Academy felt similarly to general audiences, and looked the other way. Not only is this the first Pixar film to not be nominated in this category since its inception in 2002, but also this is the first Pixar film to not receive any Academy Award nomination. Period. Even Brad Paisley’s country-pop “Collision of Worlds” from Cars 2 failed to grab any notice. I’m sure this is a sad day for Pixar, which has claimed such a winning streak of films, and their most recent release ends that period. However, a new “era” emerges with Brave, Monsters University, and the yet-to-be-named projects involving dinosaurs and the human mind. One can only hope Cars 2 was just a fluke. On the other hand, if Cars 2 deserved to be nominated for anything, I would argue that its cinematography warranted a nomination. Sure, animated films are not eligible for this, but this was perhaps one of the best-looking Pixar production for how those animators directed the cameras.

    Winnie the Pooh, Disney’s pride and glory for 2011, was also completely shut out. Sure, this received some flack for its extremely-short running time, but few films last year boasted over 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes – Pooh was one. I was sure this would have been nominated for “Best Animated Feature” for its charm and whimsy, but I suppose not. Similarly, I was shocked that the melodic, robin-like tone of Zooey Deschanel, who sung “So Long,” would have acquired a nomination. Nope. Poor Pooh, indeed.

    While I am extremely happy that “Man or Muppet” finally snatched a spot in the coveted “Best Original Song” category, I was dumbfounded that “Life’s a Happy Song” was not. This is exactly the type of melody and arrangement that Oscar loves, and the main piece Disney was campaigning for, so it was baffling to find this one excluded. At least some piece of music from The Muppets was recognized, though, since this was the only area it could attain Academy notice.No other Disney films stood a chance for multiple nominations, save for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for “Best Visual Effects” and “Best Sound Editing,” and Gnomeo and Juliet for its Elton John song “Hello Hello” and potentially “Best Animated Feature.” The rest of Disney’s slate last year lacked rs gold impression for any Academy Awards, for there were few films and few “good” films at that.