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Colors of suit to go well with recently posted tan boots?

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    LOL I've created a monster... something tells me Alan isn't done buying shoes on eBay



      @JC: LOL. No probably I'm not. :-) But I will have to wait another month before I can replenish my budget. My wife looked a little concerned when I told her how much the recent pair cost since my lunch money is supposed to come from the same budget. :-P



        Avery, if you are interested in the AE Dalton boots (really an awesome shoe), AE is having a boot sale right now on Factory Seconds (only through the 5th though). You can call one of the Allen Edmonds Factory stores and ask if they have the Walnut Daltons in your size, and if they show up at any of their locations they can order them for you over the phone and ship them to you for free. Should be $150 during the current sale. Not too shabby for a $375 boot with some "flaw" that is usually not noticeable to the untrained eye.

        I would suggest asking them to add a tube of “Premium Polish” in matching color (which has a mix of shoe cream and polish), and you may even want some of the "Conditioner Cleaner" or "Leather Lotion" for less frequent maintenance. They can add to your order and ship in the same box. The extra $10 or so is probably worth it to take care of the shoes.

        Here is Joe's in-person review on the Dalton: