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    Check some of the walk-overs on gilt.



      i purchased the AE amok back when joe featured them. they are a very thin suede that the OP would probably not be pleased with. that said i like them and would purchase again.



        Thread Revival!

        Just wondering what do you guys think about the Stacy Adams Tamarack Boots as a cheap chukka.

        I don't like the toe shape of clarks, too rounded to me. In dreamland, I'd have some APC or Alden suede chukka, but reality kicks back and I am not looking at spending that much. I've seen the Amok as well, but the lack of widths (on the older model) would not work for me.

        I wish Banana Republic still made those chukka

        but it's discontinued.

        All in, I'm really looking at a apc/alden shape for less than $100 and while the Stacy Adams seems a bit more squarish than the aforementioned, I haven't found much else. So any other recommendations for apc/alden shaped chukka w/ much lower quality, non-crepe for under $100?




          I don't know anything about JD Fisk but I ordered these a couple days ago for $69 from MyHabit. They'll be here on monday. They're also on Amazon I think

          edit: MyHabit link wasnt working

          JD Fisk Franklin Desert Boot

          I bought them in Tobacco from MyHabit for $69. The color is MUCH MUCH lighter than the Amazon picture looks.

          These are a few of the pics from MyHabit:



            @justin t: Yeah, I had considered the jd fisk on myhabit before, but i'm not fond of burnished toe on suede (which doesn't really show on myhabit pictures)



              I'm looking for some chocolate suede chukkas at a decent price. There was a pair of CK's i really liked the look of...probably doubtful quality, but they seem to be discontinued and impossible to find.

              Those Stacy Adams arent bad looking..



                @Jordan - The Chocolate AE Amok is on sale at the AE outlet for $99.



                  I know, Juan, but they did not have it in the size I would need.



                    These Loake Pimlico's look very nice:

                    They can be had for around $220 USD shipped at ShoeHealer. I'm deciding if I want to splurge on them or not.

                    Warning: Loake sizing tens to run very large. I wear a 9D in Allen Edmonds, and the 8F seemed to fit me best. (Rather than the usual -0.5 sizing from USD->UK)



                      Also, regarding the AE Amok, it seems to be getting a lot of bad reviews. Very thin uppers & flimsy looking in person. Maybe not a terrible option for around $100, but I wouldn't expect too much.



                        The AE Malvern is pretty nice, there are (or at least were) some available in the current 2 for $200 sale, I'm still debating buying a pair.



                          @zerostyle: The loake pimlico is a nice one too. I like the kempton as well, way out of my budget since i'm looking at gettting two chukka.

                          The Amok"1" does get bad reviews (no width, thin upper, color not as pictured) and run smaller/narrower than the park ave (i'd be 9.5E in that last, so not sure what to make out of it). Anyone here has experience with the amok?



                            I don't but there's enough bad reviews to stay away, IMO.