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    @nicholascrawford I actually already have gone through the Indochino process:

    I'm anxious about the IC shirt because i've finally nailed my measurements for ModernTailor after a few attempts.

    First suit was the Essential Charcoal, ticket pocket, single vent, regular notch lapels. After Dappered and Styleforum scrutiny (plus my tailor), i'm actually pretty happy with how the jacket fits. I've been hitting the gym for the past few months, plus plan on it for the next few years and have resigned to wider shoulders.

    Even though I know the 'proper' shoulder fit, the way I develop my traps and shoulders means that i'm going to have to compromise between shoulder width and drape regardless of 'my budget' OTR or 'my budget' MTM. The Gilt City + Indochino coupon was a little bit irresistible! A proper bespoke suit would probably account for everything, but I don't have the cash nor the use for such a thing.

    I don't wear suits often at all; my usual working attire consists of a nice pair of slacks, a great fitting dress shirt, and nice shoes, but no suit. I love gray-purple combinations, so i'm opting for a light gray addition to my charcoal first suit collection.

    Going the two-vent route because i'm not happy with the way one-vent looks on me; the IC protrudes too much, but so does a J.Crew Ludlow tweed blazer I bought recently. I love the lapels on my IC suit (regular lapel), so i'm hesitant to go the slim lapel route for fear it might be *too* slim.

    Again, in retrospect, i'm pretty happy with my first Indochino suit, and for the price, it's really hard to beat. I love J.Crew's offerings, but they're too pricey for my budget and needs.



      Just pulled the trigger on a new Indochino suit with the Gilt City deal. I adjusted the measurements slightly since my new suit; mainly pulled the shoulders in a little bit to correct the dimpling, and adjusted the pants a bit.

      Went with an Essential Gray with green lining, slanted pockets (no ticket pocket), double vents, regular notch lapels, monogramming, and pen pocket. Also ordered the 'Consultant' blue gingham shirt, slim fit.

      I'll have pics up as soon as it arrives (should be March 11th!). This suit is do-or-die... I was fairly happy with my first suit, this one + tweaks should be dead-on. I emailed the Indochino Concierge regarding my measurement adjustments with explicit instructions to not change any other measurements except the ones I specified... if they do, there'll be an immediate remake requested.



        That is a great deal. If I had 350, I'd have done it, despite the negative about IC. The shirts on the models are extremely tight. Is this realistic?



          Hey, I'd like some input here if it's not too late to resurrect this thread. I jumped on the Gilt City deal and now I'm trying to decide what suit to get. I'm trying to decide between the essential Grey Suit or the Essential Prince of Wales (was considering the essential Charcoal but have probably ruled it out). I already have the essential Navy Blue suit from Indochino and I think the fit is great on me, so measurements should be good. My wife prefers the Prince of Wales, so that might be reason enough to get it. My only thought is that the Essential Grey might be more versatile. Without having seen them in person it is hard to decide. I don't need a suit for day-to-day wear, so I don't have to worry too much about "appropriateness" but it would be good to keep in mind. Any thoughts?



            I started with the 3 piece Essential Black, then the Essential Grey. I'd like to do the Essential Navy next unless they bring the traveler suits back.

            If I were to do it over, I would've gone the route you went. Props on that. I think you'll like the Essential Grey. It's not a boring pattern - it's pretty lively but very versatile. I could wear any one of my dress shirts with it - a huge plus.

            How about this - get the Essential Grey now, then come back to your wife in a few months and tell her you'll get the Prince of Wales as a personal favor for her. =D



              This reminds me to upload the pictures of my remake and post tailor altering.

              Long story short... 2nd remake was still way off, tailor did a nice job of fixing their mess.

              I'm not sure if I want the 2nd suit I ordered....