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    Indochino Gilt City Deal

    Hey guys,

    I was looking on Gilt City and they had a deal for indochino that has any of their base suits, any shirt, and any tie for $339....seems like a perfect time for me to take my first crack at indochino....

    Deal's here ....


    That is a killer deal! I need to wait a few more months before taking the plunge again, though.



      Don't get your hopes up. It seems to be more miss than hit upon delivery. Myself included.



        I'm really interested in giving Indochino a try right now, particularly with that deal. For $339 I'm willing to take some risks. Here's to hoping that isn't one of those "famous last words" scenarios.. Ultimate Gray here I come!(if that's included)



          I think Ultimate Gray is now renamed as Essential Gray, which is part of the deal.

          I agree - Indochino is hit or miss, but the Black Day at the Office (now Essential Black or something) was a slam dunk for me. The Ultimate Gray/Essential Gray is on it's way (yay rhyming) - currently getting made for me.

          Whenever I order another one, sometime later this year, I'll be looking for an offer like this. My Black Friday order was 30% off, but they still threw in a silk tie and a pair of silver cufflinks, which was pretty kind of them.



            I said the same thing on the BF deal. "At $260 per custom suit, how can I go wrong?"

            I applied for a remake and they sent it to their "Master" tailor on Jan 11th. I still have my fingers crossed.



              I just can't get over my nervousness for buying a suit online. I need the comfort that comes with trying it on BEFORE I hand over my money. Even if I were ordering custom, I'd do it locally. But that's just me and my hang ups about this sort of thing.



                I switched to this after realizing how impossible it is to find a 36L suit. Just. Not. Possible.

                There's a local franchise of a custom suit place. They measure you in-store, you pick out the options, and they make it in Chicago. It's about $500 for a suit.

                An upscale men's clothier store around here that does suits for my dad will charge $2,000, but it's a different clientele altogether. And not my style.



                  @nicholascrawford: I did a local custom place in Chicago after jumping on another Gilt City deal. I'm pretty sure that no one at this price point is actually making it in Chicago (or in the States, period). I'm happy to be proven wrong.



                    Tempted to jump on this Gilt City deal, but after my 2+ month long ordeal with my first Indochino suit to get it finally 'right'... I don't know if I have it in me to do it all again.

                    Although the Essential Gray is awful tempting...



                      yeah I'm excited, I'm going with the prince of wales suit, probably a light pink shirt and uhhh one of their ties, which don't look that spectacular to be honest

                      i have odd dimensions, so hoping they pull out a miracle lol



                        @JToom - if you can't get OTR to work, MTM is right up your alley. Be sure to click Advanced when you're customizing the suit. Lots of options you might otherwise miss.



                          cool, i'm pretty barrel chested, not fat....just have a big torso, and I would need suits to come in like drop-12 in order to get em off the rack

                          that's why they make suit separates though, right?



                            Just pulled the trigger on the deal... $289 with a Gilt City 20% off invite deal. Probably going to get the black knit tie and some kind of gingham checked-style shirt, with the Essential Gray suit. (Gee, wonder where I got that idea?

                            Thinking of a double-vent back with slim lapels, but the normal lapels are already plenty slim, so I dunno. I have until March 30 to decide, so i'm in no rush to decide.

                            I figured that sub-$300 isn't bad for the suit + shirt + tie, especially because I had good luck with the first go-around and only really need to tweak the shoulders and trousers a bit.



                              Hi Joel - I'd be happy to help with the overwhelming number of options.

                              I would seriously recommend looking at the navy or charcoal unless you already have a suit or two. I started with the black and the grey, and they are a good start, but now I wish one of them were navy or charcoal.

                              The gingham shirt would be a good pick. You can find a lot of different sizes for other colors, but to get that one custom made, it would be sweet. Plan B - maybe lavender. I like the Tactician gingham. Both would be useful for a long time.

                              Can you share a little bit about your shape? It would help in sorting out the best options for you.

                              In general, if it helps, this is what I would suggest for the suit:

                              -Notch lapels (not the slim)

                              -One or two vents (preference - they show off your butt differently)

                              -Two buttons

                              -Whatever color lining/monogram, but definitely do the monogram

                              Then...and I missed this the first time I on Advanced and drill down more:

                              -Pick stitching - it's nice and subtle

                              -Slanted pockets - probably not

                              -Waist pocket - I like it

                              -No pocket flaps - You probably want pocket flaps with the Essential series

                              -Pen pocket - Yes! It's free!

                              -Functional sleeve buttons - I would say no for a first Indochino suit. If you need to tailor the sleeves, it gets much more complicated. Maybe next time.

                              -Functional boutonniere - Yeahhh

                              -Suspender buttons - Why not, if you never use them, no one will ever see them anyways

                              -Belt loops - I did and would recommend it

                              -Side tabs - Seems like a tux thing, or if you went without belt loops

                              -Pant cuffs - If you're really tall...otherwise plain cuff is more common

                              Good luck! Hope it works out for you as well as it did for me.