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    New To Tailoring

    So as I have recently stumbled across this website and forum I have have also recently realized that fit is more important than I had always realized. This leaves me with decent number of new clothes purchased after a little weight loss that while nice I now feel look to big/baggy. So my question is before I waste a ton of money on round 2 of new clothes what are the types of things people are willing to pay to have tailored. I'm just not sure what can reasonably be tailored and what the tipping point of cost might be.

    Just thought I'd get some advice before I stumble out to find a tailor this week. As always appreciated.


    Well, it depends on:

    - How much you like the piece of clothing. If it's your favorite shirt and you would really miss it, then get it done

    - How much it would cost to replace. If it's just an okay shirt, maybe it's not worth $15 to have it brought in at the sides when you could get a new one that fits better, is better made, and looks better for $35 (or $15 with that Norstrom sale someone posted)

    - How good and inexpensive your tailor is. If your tailor won't do a good job of it anyway, why bother? If it's gonna cost twice the replacement cost, why bother?