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Let's see some shoes that're looking good with shorts

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    Let's see some shoes that're looking good with shorts

    most shoes don't work well with shorts. some do. let's see em if you got em. my pick is below.

    btw: the format for posting pix, which some mod or admin or some such really really really oughtt to post as a sticky, is: <img src="" /

    but add a > after that last / . and don't forget the space between the last " and the last / . apparently that's real important.


    What and where did you get those?



      ah, well, when i said 'my pick,' i didn't mean to imply that i owned them. i don't. but i wish i did. and one day perhaps i will ... when land's end canvas, where I found them, puts them on sale or I find a LEC coupon or similar. I want!!! But at like $72, I don't want them that much, at least not yet; I can feel my resolve weakening ....

      i think they go under the title of chukka sneaker. check em out! buy a pair! tell me if the sizing is accurate!



        Here are my 2011 Summer shoes, and they rule. They go with everything and only set me back $50.

        Bass Shoes $48.00



          These are my current shorts and sockless shoes:

          Allen Edmonds Boulder model

          I've also rocked these:

          Brass Boot Hunter model



            @EddyTeach. I like those Bosses. They look like these


            or even these


            Good improvement on getting rid of that ridiculously big polo character on the Ralph Lauren's



              Sperry Top Siders


              Penny Loafers



                @Krazy Are those pennys Sperry? What's the quality like?



                  @Davelli0331 No they are Bass Logan Penny Loafers. I think the quality is good for the price. I just got them a few days ago though, so I'm still breaking them in.



                    Not shoes, per se, but I am wearing a pair of the Seavees 05/65 canvas sneakers this summer.

                    Sidebar: do you guys wear loafer socks or go sockless?



                      oh man i'm digging those seavees. really nice. thanks for posting the pic, too!




                        I'm really loving the Maine standard moccasins from LL Bean Signature. A little pricey, but I got them during a 30% off sale a few months back



                          I think this is pretty basic. Most plimsolls and moccasins should look good with shorts.



                            It's not for everyone but I like the looks of a pair of espadrilles with shorts.



                              My usuals include any of my Converse/Jack Purcell/Converse-John Varvartos collection

                              Ever classic sperry's topsiders in navy

                              A pair of saddle shoes similar to this that I've been breaking in/scuffing up the last few years, with laces removed

                              Depending on the the shorts - Clarks Desert boots

                              definitely no visible socks on any