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Briefcase for the man that needs to stop wearing a backpack.

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    Briefcase for the man that needs to stop wearing a backpack.

    A coworker, who is also a friend, is rapidly approaching his 33rd birthday. Despite being successful, educated, and an adult, he still wears a backpack every day into the office. In his defense, he is not the only one in the office that does this. I've always been of the mindset that a grown man should only wear a backpack whilst adventuring or attending school.

    After some conversation, I got him to admit that he should upgrade to a briefcase. However, I know this guy is too niggardly to ever purchase one for himself, and (as fore mentioned) his birthday is coming up; so, I want to get him a briefcase. Unfortunately, despite my prejudice in favor of briefcases, I've not much experience in styles, brands, etc...

    So, I've come here looking for advice. His reason for carrying a backpack are: it carries his water bottle and umbrella, and it leaves two hands open in case he gets in a fight. (he's never been in a fight) I'm keeping this on a budget of under 100 bucks if possible. I think he'd be embarrassed if I spent too much money on him, and I'm also a little worried he may relapse. His a pretty straight-laced, so nothing too showy, just simple and professional.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


    Under $100? I would suggest a canvas messenger bag. Mine has a water bottle pocket.

    Speaking of prejudice, though, I would drop the word starting with n in the second paragraph.




      The cost constraint does add a bit of a challenge, but here are some quickies...

      If he's a casual guy:

      Won't fit a water bottle, but still pretty cool:

      (I prefer the light brown)



        @NC: It would appear you and I have the same first choice, and I didn't even look at your list first. :-)



          Haha - great minds, naturally (and Google).

          I have a $30 canvas bag from Aeropostale, of all places. I'm getting a worn seam on it repaired right now, and my stuff is a total mess without it. A friend of mine has a leather business with his dad and makes this briefcase:

          Some day, I'll see if there's a friend discount...but only once I'm ready to take the plunge on a nice bag like that.



            I have the copper river journeyman bag and love it. Highly recommended. Depending on size $20-40 more than your budget, but 100 year warranty.




              @chetsteadman posted a Lord&Taylor sale that includes this Fossil bag which I like the looks of. No idea what the leather is like though.



                @ Nicholascrawford: Niggardly: Adjective:

                Not generous; stingy: "the company was particularly niggardly with salaries"; "serving out the rations with a niggardly hand".

                Not being prejudiced. As for the OP, +1 for the messenger bag idea. Backpack to briefcase might be too much of a step, and if he's used to lots of storage that might also be an issue. Cost is also a consideration. That's a nice Journeyman bag that Jeff posted.