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    Not going out = more money to spend on clothes = all dressed up and nowhere to go



      I got my PhD two and half years ago. When I graduated I had nothing in terms of a professional wardrobe. I'm in the same boat as many others, 29 years old, single, no real expenses outside the basics.

      My mother was a fashion buyer for many years and taught me how to shop well, smart and save a lot of money. 2 years ago I made a list of everything I wanted. For each item, I have price range I am willing to spend. It helps me not make impulsive purchases and stick with a budget. Over the last two years, I have built up a really good professional and casual wardrobe (6 suits, dress shirts, slacks, chinos, etc) while keeping the costs relatively okay.

      I update the list every 2-3 months. My plan from here on out is to put $150 in a separate savings account for any purchases.



        That kind of organization is probably why you earned your PhD! Good work!



          Here's a winner on how to decide if a big purchase is worth it. For me, i now have a ton of cheap versatile staples, but have a hard time deciding whats a splurge since I'm so value oriented. This helps.