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How timeless is style?

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    You don't need to - and probably won't be able to - find something that will be "in" for the next 20 years. But you can realistically shy away from the bleeding edge of fashion and create a wardrobe that you can comfortably wear for the next 10 years.

    I finally tossed some of my high school underwear this month (had my 10 year reunion last year). But I still wore chinos from high school up until last year when the hems and knees wore out. Hard to go wrong with staple items!



      I suppose this whole question depends on what your style is



        Staples stay the same, but the cuts change enough to mean that few things will really be timeless. Right now, we mock styles from the 80's and 90's as being ill-fitting, but that was the aesthetic people went for at the time. In 1993, a kid wearing some slim fitting Levis (say 514's) in a dark wash with an oxford shirt would have probably spent a good amount of time occupying his own locker without his lunch money, though now such an outfit would put you ahead of most, stylistically.

        Right now, heritage wear and classic menswear is in style, though with trimmer cuts than they had used anytime recently. How we are dressing now is pretty similar to the style of George Costanza from Seinfeld. Do you recall thinking he was particularly stylish in 1995? I didn't. I was wearing baggy jorts, like the rest of young civilization.

        Traditional overcoats and dress shoes are pretty safe. Pretty much anything else in your wardrobe will eventually be out, at least temporarily. Eventually, waistlines will rise, legs will widen, ties and lapels will get fat, ankles will breathe again, nothing will have shoulder epaulets except overcoats, and chambray will actually be worn for work.



          I'm not saying high rise is better or worse than low rise. Just pointing out most styles aren't really that timeless and are really just part of the cycle.



            Fashion is an industry. Fashion wants you to update your wardrobe every few months. Style comes from within.



              I think the classic outfits that most of us on this site buy today are timeless and would have looked sharp 15 years ago and will still look great 15 years from now. Even when there are ridiculous trends like baggy clothes or whatever, a classic look is never out of style. In fact you look even better than those trying to fit in with 'trends'.