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How timeless is style?

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    How timeless is style?

    Been reading Dappered for a few months, first time poster on the forum. (and sorry for this lengthy first post)

    Is the style discussed on this site actually timeless? (just trying to get some dialogue going, I have no agenda and it's not a segway to a point I'm trying to make)

    I ask because I'm very much buying into Dappered. I like the mature, sharp style that everyone on here goes for. I'm finding myself using this site as a rough guideline for buying new clothes, and for the first time in a long time, I'm actually enjoying clothes (and watch) shopping. But, let's say, for an example, I was to go out and drop a few hundred on some AE Strands (which in all likelihood will be happening sometime this year), will these shoes actually remain stylish for 5, 10, 20 years down the road?

    I'm currently 26, and I really haven't been able to observe if what's "dappered" now was "dappered" 10 years ago. All I can think back to is a time in middle school, looking through an American Eagle catalogue, and thinking how cool everyone in their loose sweaters and distressed jeans looked. Of course this seems absolutely ridiculous to me now, but is that because I've grown, or fashion has changed?

    I guess, in summary, is style really timeless, or does it change more than we'd like to admit?



    The AE Strands are actually a great example. They've been around for decades. They were discontinued, but they're back. History (at least in style) repeats itself. And some things (especially shoes) don't really ever change.





        Menswear oscillates narrowly around a fixed mean, with (relatively) small variations. Womenswear is cyclical, with distinct swings.



          Ha, point taken on the mugshots link.

          Being that I've been dropping more money on apparel lately, these were the kind of responses I was hoping for.



            You should be good for at least a few hundred years.

            Joe's posts that lead with "Would you wear it?" tend to be good examples of fringe, fashion-forward, trendier items. They're in the stores, but they may just be a flash in the style pan.

            By comparison to your peer age group, style will stay the same. Most men and women stick with their post-college hair styles forever, with some evolutionary changes. You can expect the folks in the nursing home to have roughly similar tastes, but you'll be scratching your collective heads at the young'ins clothes.



              I personally wouldn't consider the clothing discussed on this website as in style. If you look at the general public, you're more likely to see someone dressed like a Real Housewife's Husband than like JFK, therefore that is what I think of when I think of in style. In contrast, I think dressing "dappered" should be considered as "appropriate" rather than a fad. Even if the clothes aren't trendy they won't look out of place. I can't imagine ever looking like a goof in a well fitting charcoal suit and a nice pair of strands.

              Recently I've been watching a lot of Friends and one thing I can't get over is how awful they dress.

              Look at Chandler's suit. That is just awful, but I'm sure it is what was "in style" at the time.



                Style is timeless. Fashion is fleeting.



                  Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable. ;-)



                    Haha great pic thekilla, Chandler's tie is especially ridiculous

                    I am a political junkie and have been watching old episodes of The West Wing, which is probably about the same time as that Friends picture. The West Wing characters all wear these terrible huge suits that look like they go down to their knees.



                      Friends was actually almost included in my original post as an example (killer pic btw). Watching old episodes of friends, most of their clothing was atrocious by today's standards.

                      If Dappered was around back then, would there be articles appreciating fat ties and the value of an over-sized suit jacket?



                        I think about this a lot, actually. While these sayings about style and fashion are great, how much of the stuff you bought in the last year is truly timeless? Most likely it has some classical roots--maybe with a new twist--and this season it was "in" with all the popular menswear brands. For example, shawl collar sweaters and double monk strap shoes have been wildly popular this year. But what about suspenders? Turtlenecks? Aren't those just as "timeless?"

                        I really like those mugshots. First, because it does show how men's style really doesn't change too often, but even more so for the high-waisted pants. If you wore those type of pants today you would literally be laughed at if you're under 50, but are we not just really caught up in the super trend of low rise pants? The next time someone tells you they are stylish and not fashionable, check their pants rise.



                          Lots of suits come with high-rise pants still



                            Sure. Just like you can buy turtlenecks or braces. But I don't think any Dappered approved brands like J Crew, Bonobos, or BR carry them. And I'm not sure you could easily find pants that are as high as the mugshot photos, either.



                              LOL Well, I'll stick with my high-waisted Oxxford and Hickey Freeman suits.