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Casual black shoes: dilemma

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    Ben, I'm not a huge fan of slip-ons, but I think your looks with the boots are awesome.

    Those New Orleans are gorgeous. I could spend a fortune just on AEs..



      Okay, I know this is something I am sure many of you know, but can someone enlighten the new guy on what EQB means?



        @RHStansbury, Effeminate Queen Brigade. If you have read the whole thread then I think you watched the birth of this term, lol.

        Personally, while I wear brown shoes a lot more often than black, I don't agree with the staunch opposition to black shoes and the limited view that many seem to have about their appropriateness. To each their own.



          Funny, I have been keeping up with this one because I am working to find a pair of casual black shoes as well, and am leaning towards something from OSB. That said, I managed to completely skip over the first EQB reference and just assumed it was something that had been used prior.

          I am definitely one that prefers brown to black, but I just can't see myself wearing brown shoes with washed black cords and the like.



            The answer, if you want to go that route, is to not wear black clothes, so you don't have to wear black shoes. I think that's a better idea...but, then, this is a forum, and this is style. There aren't answers. I have no problem having a definite opinion on the topic, however.



              @RHS: Yeah, brown shoes with black pants would be unusual.



                HAHA, not only are your black shoes bad, but you shouldn't wear black clothes at all.

                ....great response




                  The original statement was "<sigh> Here we go with the brown shoe nazi brigade." Further into my comment, I referred to those who staunchly oppose the use of black shoes (or anything they personally don't deem to be stylish) as "effeminate queens" due to their inability to accept the opinions of others.

                  OnlyShawn replied with the term "Effeminate Queen Brigade" and in turn coined the acronym "EQB." Some might argue that the presidency of said organization was willfully claimed by such an act. That remains to be seen.


                  I wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything, just making an observation about how some of the members here are combatively opposed to ideas in contrast to their own. Regarding the waxed cotton racer with brown boots --- I actually really like that look, and compliment you on your selection... Must. Find. Jacket. dammit. Where are the boots from?



                    Black is taking a beating lately:

                    I've heard plenty of arguments for why men should incorporate black into their attireā€”exaggerated reports suggest it can have a slimming effect or add a certain toughness to one's look. Uninspiring and dull, black really only works well with white or more black, which is immensely limiting. Seriously, think of the last time you saw someone in an impressive black shirt (Steve Jobs and his turtleneck doesn't count). You can't come up with anything because that shirt doesn't exist.</blockquote>



                      @ Frost - Ok... well, I think you may have unintentionally come off as sounding like one of those members combatively opposed to others. ;-)

                      The boots are Chippewas and I will sing their praises until the cows come home.... Chippewa Classics 6" lace-ups. Made in the USA, Goodyear welted, and a lot cheaper than comparable Red Wings and Wolverines. They're not perfect in every detail and the leather color isn't as exciting as more expensive boots but I really like 'em, these days I have a hard time convincing myself to wear any other shoes.





                        To each their own. Honestly, I am fine with black in the office, but casually it just isn't my style. It will never be a huge part of my wardrobe, but even the small parts need to be on point, and a little variety never killed anyone.

                        Back to the topic at hand, how about the 1901 Saddle Up Oxfords in Black/Grey from Nordstrom?




                          I may have spoken too soon. The dude that wrote that article is the style blogger equivalent to the host of "Mad Money." Undisputed heiress to the "EQB" throne.



                            @frost, we all have our opinions and our own styles... How about we don't call others names, though, okay?



                              Completely agreed. I wasn't calling anyone in particular a name, I was only generalizing due to the overwhelming negative response in this thread and another.

                              Actually... the author of that Details article was in fact being called a name for his ridiculous comments, using a much larger soapbox than anyone with that level of smug self-righteous opinion should ever have access to. Wearing black is any New Yorker's God-given right. He deserved it.

                              The rest of it was just kind of joking, as it were.