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Casual black shoes: dilemma

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    Alan is correct, the title was a bit misleading as compared to the content of where the conversation led. I thought that my problem was finding black shoes, but the problem was that I had an incorrect assumption that brown shoes couldn't be worn with black on other areas of the body. But I can appreciate the contrasting view.

    I really like those AEs, when the funds build back up I think I'll get a pair like that(I have a pair of Strands in mind for my next purchase like Matthew recommended).

    Also, vis-a-vis the Bonobos, I've got them bookmarked to wait for a sale. Good looking shoes.



      Effeminate queen brigade hates your black shoes. Also, ad hominem.



        If it helps, and anyone is welcome to assassinate my character for this, I strongly recommend matching your left shoe with your right shoe.



          Florsheim Veblen is a nice cheaper alternative to the AE MacNeil:

          I recently ordered a pair and I love them. They are super comfortable and look so much better in person than in the online pics. Rust and Wine are nice colors. I think Florsheim also has more colors on their site and there is a 20% coupon.

          I know AE is better quality but Florsheim is a nice option too.



            If burgundy is too dark or too red (and for a lot of people it will be), chili is another good color. I personally have two pairs of chili shoes in different styles (so I may be a bit biased).

            Check these in chili (more for the color than the style):


            It may be more versatile than burgundy since it's not as dark, but it's still dark enough to wear with black - especially with jeans.



              How about the black trail oxford from Oak Street?



                If you're down with black clothes (sweaters, shirts etc), you might try out some grey suede shoes/belts combo in lieu of going for black shoes. Joe featured a pair a few weeks ago (month maybe?) that would look great with dark denim and black, while giving you some contrast in the outfit that wouldn't look or feel strange (and avoiding the black-with-brown debate).



                  EQB hearts OSB...but still not in black.




                    Today is casual Friday in my office. A manager in another department wore a black button-down shirt, jeans, and a medium brown belt and shoes. Looked good. *thumbs up*



                      Effeminate queens and brown shoe Nazis, huh, Frost? I'm not sure that's the best way to convince the people who disagree with you that your perspective is worth considering.

                      Personally, I'm not crazy about casual black shoes. I own a pair that I picked up thrifting, and I have a hard time working them into my outfits. They look funny with anything other than wool trousers and dark denim - and obviously wool trousers are not the most casual look. They just look off with chinos and cords. Which pretty much relegates them to use with jeans.

                      I agree that brown is more versatile and complements a much wider variety of colors, textures, and fabrics. I also think that brown leather complements black fabrics in a way that black leather does not similarly complement brown fabrics. Not to toot my own horn too much, but I think these examples show that fairly well - brown boots and brown belt with a black waxed cotton jacket, and brown boots with a black wool jacket:




                        @BenR I know you've said before, but where is that jacket from again? I really like the style and it would be good for spring when it warms up some here



                          Which jacket? The one on the left is from Urban Outfitters but I think it sold out a while ago. It's the one that Joe featured on Dappered a while back.


                          This one's relatively similar but "faux leather" instead of waxed cotton.

                 duct=true&parentid=MORE%20IDEAS&isProduct=true&cro ss-sell=true&guide-bn=true

                          The one on the right is from Banana Republic. It's what I picked up back in November or December when BR had its 50% off in-store coupon.





                            Yeah, the one on the left... Darn. Well, I'll have to keep my eyes open for one. I really like the waxed cotton look.



                              For the majority of my casual/not as dressed up shoes, I've always had good luck with Aldo. They've all held up well (though I am a bit OCD when it comes to caring for things) and you can get some great stuff on the cheap by ordering online when they have sales and stacking promo codes on top of it. I've gotten $110 shoes for $30 with that method.

                              I was always a dominant black shoe wearer, with only 2 brown shoes that I didn't give enough love to. Now I've even out the collection and am starting to utilize the brown with outfits where I would commonly wear my black shoes (such as today: brown Florsheims with dark 514 jeans, blue/white gingham button down, navy tie with lighter blue dots, and grey cardigan).



                                Another option is boots in a style you're comfortable with. For a little bit dressier jeans/black shoes for evenings I have a monk strap with a weave similar to the Allen Edmonds New Orleans