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JCrew boots got here today.

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    Weng, now you have me fearing the worst (mine are supposed to be delivered tomorrow).

    I've found RWs to be particularly difficult to put on until you break them in. I don't know if it's related or not, but I've never really ever used the top set of eyelets on any pair of boots I've ever worn, even ones with the lacing hooks.



      Chareth, i really wanted to like them as they were my first pair and looked great out of the box. Needed the wife's input to come to the realization. But perhaps you will fare differently!

      Silver lining: $200 back in your pocket.



        Just got 'em today. Going back.

        I can see the toe possibly looking more cohesive with bigger sizes, but not with mine. It looks a little ridiculous on me.



          Size 11.5 here: still ridiculous.



            When i returned them to my local jcrew, the store manager there remarked that they were seeing a lot of returns for the clown toe reason...and that iron ranger was his choice. Just one persons's opinion, but hey, figure he sees the trends better than the average person.



              The plain toe Beckmans and the Iron Rangers do have small toe bump, but do not have the clownishly large toe box that the moc toe Beckmans do. I don't really understand why the toe box on the moc toes need to be so large; it's even on the same last as the other two.