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JCrew boots got here today.

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    JCrew boots got here today.

    Beckmans and 2904's. Honestly, I ordered the beckmans because everybody else seemed to like them so much, and that made me think "am I crazy? maybe I'll like them more in person." ~~~~~/49585.jsp

    I did dig the light brown color though. Well...they're here, and they're going back. In person, the color is NOT that light, more of the same color as the 2904's, which look pretty similar to the website, except that the sole is less of a white color, as it looks on the site, and more of a sand. Awesome boots. I do wish they had a commando sole, but maybe when these wear out I'll resole into commando. We'll see...I'm pretty sure that's possible. ~~~~~/49582.jsp

    2904 FTMFW...B.


    Can you post pics when you go commando?



      uhhhhh.....that's a different forum.



        I'm in tears.



          They are really big, brown boots, though.

          I really like how they feel when I slip in to them.

          They've got a really hard toe.



            Okay, okay, so you're a man with a big set

            The toe is much lighter in the picture - is that how yours looks or is it some variation of that? I prefer that toe style over the moc, anyways.



              No...uniform color all the way across. Other benefit is that it's oil-tanned leather, which is much nicer than the Beckman leather...The color variations you get when oil-tanned or pull-up leather is stretched really adds to the look; if you have any Horween chromexcel leather, theirs is a great pull-up, because the color varies so much. Also, scratches and scuffs look cool, rather than looking like problems.

              I like my big hard boots oiled up.



                OnlyShawn, what was it specifically about the Beckmans that you didn't like? The toe? The leather? Just curious because I ordered those as well and I'm wondering what to expect.



                  Leather isn't as nice as 2904 (I'm REAL particular about leather)'s good leather, just not tanned the way I like it.

                  I can't get on the moc toe train. Not a fan of Indy's or the like.

                  Toe is real high.

                  Leather color is a medium brown, not the lighter from the website (unless I got a fluke pair).

                  All in all, I like the 2904's a lot more. But, then, I liked them more when I ordered them.

                  If you liked em on the website, you'll probably be fine, except for the color.

                  And...ummm....[insert sexual innuendo].



                    Hahahahaha, you said insert.

                    What are words you look for to screen for quality leather? Like...what's a signal besides price for bonded versus genuine leather? I would imagine words like calfskin, etc.



                      Argh, should have picked up the 2904s. The wedge sole threw me off so I didn't, but the more I look at them the more I like them. Would have bumped my order for the woodland jacket up to the free shipping threshold too. How is the sizing? I noticed it's down to $195 now (it was $270 when the 40% code worked) so if another code comes out I might grab a pair.



                        Got the beckmans in 8.5 and 9 - keeping the 9s, my size in other shoes. Love them, remind me of a similar pair I had in middle school at a landscaping job. Albeit much nicer.



                          In action...actually at a construction site. Who knew it was possible? These things are crazy comfortable.



                            @OnlyShawn: I'm wondering what sort of contorted position yuo had to get into to take that shot... And I would have loved to see the looks on the faces of the construction crew while you were doing it. :-)

                            I could personally never wear anything that laced up that far up my legs. It would stiffle me. But then again, I realize that's my own hang-up. I think they look good on other people.



                              And Bonobos jeans to boot.

                              Yeah, I just did that