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Source for good moderately-priced neckties?

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    Source for good moderately-priced neckties?

    Can anyone recommend a good source for simple, not-too-wide-but-not-too-narrow neckties that don't cost an arm and a leg? I can't justify spending an arm and a leg on something I'll wear a lot but that may be overtaken by fashion long before it's worn out.

    Bigger picture: I work for the government, wear basically nothing but grey suits, and am trying to branch out into patterned dress shirts (from my currently purely light blue/white repertoire). So I have some work to do and increasing the number of ties in the rotation will give me some variety. But at least my suits fit!


    Thrift stores. Seriously.

    Or how about




      Thrift stores! In fact, if you like any of these, let me know, and I'll measure them up:

      Jason also posted a bunch of ties here:



        I've had such poor luck with thrift stores. They always have drab, ugly ties. But from the sound of things, I'm the exception and not the rule.

        I've gotten several ties at Marshalls, though. Their ties are generally in the $10-12 range. They're not all winners, but I've found some real keepers.



          @JonATL -- how wide are the two dotted ones on the left and the maroon/gold stripe? And are they silk or something else?



            @BenR -- two little kids means no time for thrifting. If I could, I'd have solved the (to date unsolved) hole in my wardrobe where a sport coat oughta be.



              If you have TJ Maxx/Marshall's stores in your area, check them out. I've found quite a few gems there, ties from Ben Sherman, and the plaid wool Nautica one I'm wearing right now. If you catch a good sale you can get them for under $10.



                Talbott: Hand sewn, finest cotton, Made in USA

                Pulitzer: All silk foulard, hand printed in England, made in USA

                Hennessy: 100 percent silk

                The Hennessy is 3 3/8 wide, I think, but I'll check on all of them when I get home.



                  As Zach said, the prices at marshalls are good. For whatever reason, the tie rack seems to go unnoticed at both my local Marshalls locations. As a result, the ties are often going on clearance.



                    At least around here, thrifting for ties is a non starter. I actually just consigned a couple of mine, and they are admittedly ugly (And I think were marked at 89 cents a pop).

                    I like pretty well, although lately, they haven't had much I'm interested in. 15 bucks each (20 for talls), and better quality than Kohls etc at the same price point (I've seen ties obviously from their supplier at other retail places for 40 bucks or so).

                    I've also had great luck at Nordstrom's Rack (alas, I don't have one here) and a local menswear shop with a clearance table (25 bucks marked down from 69-100). I've had moderate success at TJMaxx/Marshalls.



                      I've lost track of how many ties I have... Half are for me, half will eventually find a new home. If you're looking for some specific colors / patterns, let me know and I'll see what I've got.



                        Great selection of handmade ties for around $25 each. Limited editions.




                          Check out I just ordered a tie and pocket square from them, paid $25 for both including shipping. Decent quality for a $15 tie. They have hundreds of options in all sorts of widths.



                            Marshalls or Macy's on sale and with a stackable coupon that they send all the time.



                              Tie widths:

                              Hennesy: just past 3 1/4

                              Pulitzer: Just under 3 1/4

                              Talbott: 3 1/8