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$100 Goodyear welted shoes? Thoughts?

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  • $100 Goodyear welted shoes? Thoughts?

    So I was in El Salvador visiting my in laws with my family. We were out at a rather upscale mall and I was trying on some stuff at Zara to get my sizing correct for future orders (narrow shoulders, long sleeves, just like I remember). As we left the store, I noticed some shoes in the display of a store named ADOC prominently advertising "Goodyear Welted!" Went in and saw the shoes in the pics below for $100 even. The construction looked pretty good, the leather is what it is, the style seemed dialed in to me. Any thoughts? Anyone ever heard of such a thing? Is "Goodyear Welted" proprietary and licensed? All in all I'm happy, but wondering if this was a decent deal on some beater dress shoes or a steal.

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    If you think the quality is good, that's great. I would just be weary buying shoes solely because they say they are Goodyear Welted. When certain terms become synonymous with a certain level of quality, lower quality options will jump on that keyword as a way to pass off their merchandise.


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      I think the general advantage of Goodyear Welt, is that typically it is found on shoes with really good leather. The advantage to that sole, is being able to keep the top leather for years and years and years. If your comment is "the leather is what it is" that's the part that would make me question the deal. As TKN was saying-the shoe companies have realized people are buying up higher end goodyear welt shoes, and started stealing that feature to get new buyers.


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        From my perspective, I would say "If it is financially viable, why not?". They appear to be good quality leather, with a leather interior, and if nothing else, I am certain you could recoup 80% of your investment on the secondary market if you deem them unfit for your use. Young people (Like me) always need dress shoes, and we can't afford to spend ~300 dollars on a fresh pair.


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          Yeah, I didn't buy them specifically for the Goodyear mark. Like the style and had a need, and I figured at that price point I'd be lucky to find even decent glued shoes. The welt was a plus, definitely, but not what attracted me overall. They had a number of styles, but without this one I wouldn't have batted an eye, Goodyear or no.


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            At a glance the leather looks really nice. They look good, i think you got yourself a nice deal. Cheers
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