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    I think it's more blue than navy blue. I liked it when I saw it. Only one Macy's in my area has the Bar III suits/clothes/shoes which is unfortunate because I'm liking the Bar III line. I bought the Encore boots and like them quite a bit.


      The color varies within the suit. The suit is cut well, for me anyway, but I didn't like the color. I wanted a more even color, not navy, but not royal blue.


        Thanks everyone (really!) for your thoughts. I just ordered the 3-piece midnight blue bar III suit. I'll post pictures later, as long as I don't forget. Happy new year!


          I have a question about the lapels on this suit. Aren't they a bit narrow?

          I realize that it's personal preference, but my understanding is that if you're looking for a slim suit without looking too trendy you probably want to aim for somewhere around 2.75" give or take. When i saw the lapels in store i'm guessing that they were closer to 2.25." The width of your lapel should be about the width of the ties you'll be wearing, correct?

          I haven't read anyone with the same reservations that I have, so maybe I'm misunderstanding something...or maybe I'm terrible when it comes to guessing widths.


            Alright, here's my early review, having just worn it for the first time yesterday. I am 6'2" and 175 lbs with a moderately athletic build. I ordered the suit separates of the bar III midnight blue: 40R jacket, 34X32 pants, and 40R vest too. My size is closer to 32x32 but, having read reviews that they run tight, I upped it to 34x32 and they fit perfectly - form-fitting but not restrictive. The jacket fits excellently. I have a tailored suit jacket that doesn't fit as well as this. It is indeed a slim-fit jacket, perfect for my body shape, and I don't plan on having it tailored.

            They didn't have this suit at my Macy's so I took a leap of faith in buying this suit. I was concerned the color wouldn't be what the website showed, but it's pretty accurate, just keep in mind that the suit is very well lit in their picture, and that it'll usually look a bit darker. There is a faint pattern (someone mentioned that it's similar to glen plaid) but it's pretty subtle IMO, and looks nice. Overall, I am quite happy with the color and pattern.

            This is my first wool suit so I'm not really qualified to talk much about quality, but I will anyway. It feels and looks nice, not at all cheap. Walking around in it and sitting, it felt very natural and comfortable. The armholes might be a bit higher than the Alfani RED, but they could still be higher. I plan on dancing vigorously in this suit, and it fits well enough I don't think it will restrict me much.

            In conclusion, I am thrilled with how well the suit fits and looks. I paid about $260 with various discounts (including Macy's credit card sign up) for a 3-piece suit I love. I'll give it a 9/10, would give 10/10 if armholes were a bit higher and the front pockets and sleeve buttons were functional (who really cares about that anyway).

            Here's a picture (sorry, not the best quality) of me trying it on:
            Yes, I know my shirt is too big. I'd be happy to answer any questions I can!


              This is more of a fit question, but why do you have an absurd amount of shirt sleeve on one side? I'm a short guy, so it's not often I don't have enough sleeve, but I wonder if the sleeves are a bit short. The jacket, as well, looks a little short -- could you order the 40L to try?


                Looks like a decent suit for $240-$300! I agree that there's a bit too much padding in the shoulder, but overall I like the shoulder for the price. Is it really 100% wool? I'll have to go feel them and see what the material is like. I'm becoming more aware (and more particular) about the feel of a suit these days. (But you can't ask for too much at <$300.)


                  Marathon, I think that has more to do with my non-fitting shirt than the jacket sleeve. Also it could be due to my posture in the picture. I will double check but I believe the sleeves on the jacket are the same length. I don't think the jacket is short, judging by how it falls at my buttocks and hands. The picture was taken very close to me and it sort of skews the perspective below my waist. I don't plan on buying a 40L, since those that I tried on were all significantly too long. Thanks for your thoughts though.

                  Lucid, I would agree with you about the shoulder padding. The suit is 100% wool except for the lining is poly/rayon.
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