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Bonobos... I want to believe.

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    Bonobos... I want to believe.

    I looked up Bonobos after reading about them in some men's magazine. I looked them up and was impressed with their website and snappy pant names. The Bonobos Ninjas are fantastic and I have nothing but good things to say. Still, I've had mixed experiences with their products.

    I have 2 cords which are amazing in both fit and feel. I also have 3 chinos that are comparable to pants I've bought at the Ralph Lauren Outlet. After a couple of washes two of the chinos arent holding up so well, mostly fading. I use woolite and wash them in the delicate cycle, as well as air drying. I returned the other chino when I noticed an imperfection in the pant material (originally thought it was a stain), I had already paid for the hemming but I figured after a couple of washes the imperfection would become worse.

    I have a few of their year rounders and a couple of V necks (still havent worn). The shirts are ok but I am starting to notice fraying in the collar (I've had them for a couple of months). I wash and dry them the same as the pants. I've a few J Crew shirts for years and still dont see anything close to what I see in the Bonobos shirts.

    Have I had just bad luck with Bonobos or have others experienced this? I really like them as a company but I am on the fence with their products.

    What say you men?


    if Bonobos didn't have the killer coupons/deals and store credit deals.. I'm not sure if I'd shop there as much as I do.. I feel that their items are overpriced at list. They must have a huge markup on their products to still be profitable after free shipping/return shipping and coupon deals..

    except for some of their pants, I still prefer the non-Bonobos brands they sell.. like Woolrich, Gant, etc..

    Good thing is that they have killer customer service and if you have any issues with their product.. they will help you out in one way or another



      Oh, they are definitely overpriced by about 50%, but so are a lot of top-end designers. They're great with a groupon 50% off and a stacked on discount code. I haven't had any quality problems at all, but I've only got their wool slacks, no shirts or chinos.

      I'm thinking of getting these, anyone have any experience with them?

      I'm looking for school colors for my alma mater (UGA), so red pants seemed like a good idea



        Look good. I have decidee bonobos is for my kitsch pants needs-got both woolrich xmas pants and the balls of christmas for super cheap, after christmas discounts as well as codes.



          @Jason -- I have numerous pairs of their washed chinos (not the red though). I've never had trouble with their washed chinos, other than me going between sizes and their sizing seems to vary between pant styles and even within a style (not all washed chinos fit the same, so the free shipping/returns come in super handy).

          They also have the Game Day chinos in red, which looks like more of a bulldog red than a bright red, if you're interested. They don't have the contrast liner, if that's what you're looking for. Also, I can't speak to the GD chinos vs the washed chinos, but it's an option.



            Yeah, the game day chinos didn't look as refined. They kind of look pre-faded and pre-worn out to me. Especially if you look at the back pictures of both side by side.



              I own several pairs of the washed chinos and 4 suits from bonobos. I have never experience any of the quality issues that CJJ has mentioned. However, both from reading posts here and reviews on bonobos, it seems that overall consensus is that their dress shirts are not of the same quality as their pants.

              Like hornsup said, even within the washed chinos line, the fit can vary. I recently bought a pair of the Earl Grays in 29 X 32, and while the waist was the same as the washed chinos, the fit was much more baggy. I loved the color, so I had my tailor slim out the legs a ltttle.



                The quality of their chinos left me seriously wanting. I think they are well-constructed overall, but the dyes or the actual fabric quality isn't terribly high, IMO. After a couple washes (like 2-3) on cold and dried on low they seriously faded and had various fade lines running through them. Also a couple loose threads along the seams. I'm going to give their wool pants a try, but I'm not a chinos believer.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  @greg_s - I had the same color fading problem with a pair of the Game Day chinos, and it was after just one wash (not to mention the fit wasn't very good). That being said, I have a few other pairs (chinos and wools) that fit great, and quality seems to be pretty good. I've noticed fit and quality varies quite a bit, which is something Bonobos really needs to work on. Overall though, with the deals and discount codes I'm pleased with what I got for what I spent.

                  I think they have to markup list prices quite a bit to pay for their customer service and return policy, so it's a bit of a tradeoff. Not ideal for someone that loves scrounging clearance racks for a bargain, but for a lot of guys the premium is worth it for fewer hassles.



                    @ greg_s, I agree with you 100%. The construction is good but the materials and dyes are lacking. I cant seem to convince myself to pay that much for the wool pants even with all the coupons out there. I might end up getting some "go to hell's" just to finish some credit and call it a day. Now if I could only convince myself (and the wife) that I can pull off some GTH's



                      Bonobos seems to appreciate any feedback they can get regarding fits. Whenever I return something (as I've done 3 times already), I email them with the specifics on why it doesn't fit. They acknowledge their current lack of consistency and are (supposedly) working on it.

                      For me, I ordered Game Day Chinos in 3 different colors along with a pair of stretch chinos. I agree that their material quality doesn't quite justify the price tag. The "heavy-weight" Game Day Chinos are actually thinner than my Dockers D1s and BR Vintage Straight chinos. However, I'm happy with the fit and material as I liked the look but was worried about not being able to wear them in the summer. Not a problem.

                      One of the Game Day Chinos (Surplus) fit bigger in the waist than the others. The Stretch Chinos fit the same and are the thinnest pants I've ever tried on. They went back. Are their washed chinos just as thin?



                        Well one more disappointment... It was finally "cold" enough today that I took out one of the V Necks I bought from Bonobos (the one I said have never worn) and low and behold a few snags in the material! I might just being picky but I've never had this happen from J Crew or Banana Republic, or the Gap for that matter. One more item to return, thankfully the Ninjas are great.



                          I actually just had the stitching on the crotchal area rip on a pair of gameday chinos I bought in late october... Noticed it after it came out of the washing machine. Just a big hole now. I'm definitely sending it back for another pair, just kind of annoying.

                          Also, I own three pairs of the gameday chinos, and I've noticed that the material wears/fades incredibly easy, especially around the bottom of each leg and around the pockets/belt loops. This is just from washing on the delicate cycle and drying on a rack. I'm afraid holes are going to start showing up on these guys any time now.

                          It's too bad, because I really like the fit of the pants and I want to get more, but not if I'm going to keep having these issues.




                            How do their suits fit? I've been checking them out lately, especially because of Bonobos' return policy. Their suits seem (at least from pictures) to be a happy middle ground between J Crew suits (which, look too trendy) and more traditional suits. Would you say that is an accurate impression?