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Went a little crazy on jackets/coats this season

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    Went a little crazy on jackets/coats this season

    I was just taking inventory, and it seems I went a little overboard. In the past month, I've aquired:

    5 sport coats


    wool blend overcoat

    heavy wool jacket

    medium weight military-style jacket

    denim jacket

    ... and I live in Dallas, TX. The winters don't stay cold long enough to use the heavy stuff for long and the summers get too hot to use any of the lighter stuff at all.


    "... and I live in Dallas, TX" this made me lol

    maybe your heart is telling you to move to north east



      Oh, I love it here. I just wish I had more occasion to wear cold-weather clothes. I just like them more than summer clothes. Maybe I need to start taking more vacations to cold places.



        Great purchases!!! I live in San Diego and how I long to live in a climate where I can use layers. Although I dont think I would like shoveling snow.

        My wife gave the grey cord blazer that Joe has in his profile pic. I love that thing. I really want to get a deconstructed blue blazer. I have a Lauren one now with brass buttons (I want to have those swaped out) that just seems to have too much should pad. Still it will have to do for now. I'm a 48L so big pads dont help.



          Welcome to the club... In addition to the 3 blazers / sportcoats I'm getting rid of I've gotten 3 other blazers, 6 other sportcoats, a parka, a trench coat, an overcoat (and another fixer-upper on the way), a quilted motorcycle jacket, a peacoat, and a helly hansen snow / rain coat.

          Thrifting makes anything possible



            There's one thing that thrifting doesn't make possible... a solution for shrinking closet space. :-S

            At least seeing that list your rattled off makes me feel a little better about my own list!



              Past 6 months:


              5 sportcoats

              Waxed canvas field jacket



                Closet space?? Just get five or six of these:



                  @jonATL: LOL Even one of those wouldn't fly in my house, let alone 5 or 6. :-) We are planning on tearing out the closet and rebuilding it, though. That should provide more space.



                    Then again, there's always this route:




                      Interesting thought, Weng. The driveway IS in the back...



                        I need to make it happen on the sport coat front. I haven't had one since I was a kid.



                          @NC: I know the suggestion almost seems played out around here, but you can always check thrift stores. Larger ones will have a huge selection of styles and sizes.

                          At the very least, you can get an idea of what you might want down the road in terms of a retail store purchase, and you'll have something to hold you over in the meantime. Nobody is going to ask you where you got it, and you don't have to tell them if it makes you uncomfortable. And they're usually so cheap that you don't really ever find yourself second-guessing your purchases.



                            Anyone have any retail suggestions for a Blue Deconstructed Blazer... I'm a 48/46L. Where I live the thrift stores SUCK! I might need to go up to LA.



                              Sportcoats are the bomb - particularly if kids are in your future. The rest of you can tune out, but if they are, then you can jam-pack the casual J.Crew/LLBean/Lands End ones with diapers, a ziploc of wipes, an extra onsie, your smartphone/wallet/etc, and be good to go without a diaper bag. Designed for hunting and the need to stick ammo/game/etc, they fit modern day needs just fine!