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    There's no such thing as too many watches haha

    What I have...

    and I am looking for something to replace the weekender, it has a ridiculously loud tick and I can barely handle wearing it anymore. Thinking about a Orient Mako with either brown leather or NATO strap as a replacement.



      When the time comes that I can afford one, I want a Stowa Marine. I think it's hands down the most beautiful watch I've ever seen - even if there's no date function.



        @BenR - That blue dialed Fossil looks sweet. A classic dress watch.

        I feel a more than a bit embarrassed to say this, but I own 22 watches. Some expensive ones like Sinn, Longines, IWC and Omega. I just recently bought three of the Timex Weekenders, but the rest are Seikos, most of which are of the ~$70 import variety.

        I mod all my Seikos, so some of them I've just scrapped for parts and others are still in their packaging since I haven't decided how to mod them. By "mod", I mean that buy aftermarket dials, hands, chapter rings, crystals, bezels, etc and replace them on the original watch, so I pretty much only buy the Seikos for the case and movement.

        I don't even think my wife knows I own so many, but she does occasionally notice that I'll spend an hour or two working on a watch every once in a while.

        One watch I've had my eye on for a while is the Stowa Flieger Baumuster B:,showdetail,132754099421982,en,1327541000-22088,flieger,fliegerbaumuster-b,2,Tshowrub--flieger,.htm

        It's a beautiful watch, and while there's been a recent surge in popularity of German pilot watches, I find it troubling that it's a replica of a WWII Luftwaffe watch. But I seem to be the only one that has this concern since I've seen very few people note that they feel the same way online.



          Over the past year or so I have been trying to dress more maturely and one of the hardest things I have had trouble adapting to is wearing a watch. Regardless, I have been trying to grow my collection. I will admit I don't know much about quality (quartz vs. automatic/Crystals, etc.), so I have been buying strictly on looks.

          The watch I've had the longest is a knockoff Breitling Navitimer. My brother brought it back for me from his second tour in Iraq. It is a very nice looking knockoff, but I must admit, I feel funny wearing it.

          I also have this Timex East Reaper. It has done the job for a nice casual watch, but damn is it loud. Sometimes at night I can hear the ticking all the way across my bedroom.

          This is my favorite watch I own. It was a Christmas/Birthday gift from my girlfriend. I absolutely love the texture of this watch and just wish I could wear it more.

          My most recent purchase is a Skagen Super Slim. I ordered this to replace my Timex Easy Reader. I just ordered it last week for $65.00, but it's already down to $49.00 ... that annoys me.

          By the way, I really like that Orien FGW01008W, but not sure I could pull of anything gold. Hmmm maybe another silver/brown strap.

          Has anyone used the "Winter2012" promo code on Orient's website? It says "get 30% off, a free watch, and more!"



            @Thekillabeejc: For orient watch, you should always use the 50% coupon (orient watches are worth it with discount code, not without). This one is always valid, 50% off: "watchuseek50". No free watch, but those are cheap watches most of the time.



              Right now, I have a silver dial Seiko 5 (wanted white, but didn't found one), a blue Orient Mako with a navy Nato strap and a Timex Easy Reader with a brown strap.


              Also got a Lorus watch, which is a brand I frquently see in jewelry stores around here. It was my first analog watch, bought it when I got my first "real" job. Still the one with the most wrist time, for now.


              Next on the list is a Timex Weekender with the red/grey strap ( ) and a nice chronograph for Christmas, maybe the Tissot V8 with a leather strap ( ).

              Oh and some kind of case to put all those babies in.







                From left to right: Seiko SNK 809 (I use with three different Nato straps in 2nd pic), Orient Chief (came with metal band but I changed it for the leather one pictured), Tag Heur Chrono (15 years old and still going, not sure of actual model info), Hamilton Automatic (a few years old, don't know model info).

                I also have a Raymond Weil that I forgot to include in the pic, since I haven't worn it in a long time. It's a white face with a black croc strap (don't know model number, since also about 15 years old).



                  Clockwise from top-left: Wittnauer, Ulysse Nardin (replica), Tiffany, generic, Slava, Marathon, Orient, Ingersoll.

                  The generic skeleton watch and the Slava each cost under $30. I bought the fake Ulysse because I was amazed how closely the thing resembled a real one. Fascinating.

                  For my next purchase, I'd like to step up my game a bit and get one of these:







                    My "new" Seamaster



                      I am down to 2 watches.

                      1. Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic

                      2. Tag Heuer Formula One Series 1 on Stainless band



                        1*VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY ALLIANCE 24660 - - - - -

                        2*Hamilton Khaki field - brown - - - -

                        3*Timex Weekender ---- - - - -

                        4*Swatch - - - an Irony form '09 cant remember the name

                        5*Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic - - - - - -

                        6*Guess Gc Collection - - - the same as this one (G31000G1) but with stainless steel bracelet

                        7*Tissot t-classic dream white - - -

                        8*Orient Union - - -

                        9*Bulova - - can't remember the name

                        *Looking forward to getting an auto Christopher Ward and possibly a Seiko 5 soon :-)



                          @phillpot that thing is a beaut! Is it a redial? If not then it is in incredible shape. Either way that's a watch to be proud of. Wear it in good health! I recently bought an omega speedmaster but due to tropical storm (soon to be hurricane) Isaac I had to ask the vendor to hold off on shipping it.



                            Jmonte - i have that invicta (the force) but with a yellow faces. It is a compliment magnet, more than any of my other (less and more expensive) watches. Same for you?



                              I'll play a little. My collection is varied but here are two starters. Most recent pick up: the Orient Millenium. Super clean, great texture, blue hands set it off.

                              And my Dappered Approved Timex set up:



                                pretty simple on my end:

                                left to right: timex, timex, fossil

                                question - i got the fossil watch as a high school graduation gift almost ten years ago. i never really wore as i didn't know what to wear it with. i've been thinking - would it be possible to swap out the band for a black leather one? i would appreciate how to's and possible bands. thanks all.

                                p.s. - i love the simplicity of this watch: