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    Hey guys -

    I am just starting to mount a modest watch collection, and was hoping we could use this thread to share what we own, want, and wish for


    Mine -

    Victorinox AirBoss Mach 3 -

    Victorinox GroundForce Chrono -

    Bulova Diamond 96E04 -

    Victorinox Alliance Chrono -

    Invicta 3328 -

    ESQ Venture -

    Victorinox Convoy Chrono -



      This watch is on my wish list. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic:



        I own way too many watches... but not a single one cost me more than $200, and the vast majority were well under $100.

        Clockwise from top left:

        Casio Edifice EF-503D-7A

        Stocker and Yale 184

        Seiko SNK793

        Deep Blue Daynight T25

        Orient FGW01008W

        Seiko SNE107

        Fossil, model unknown

        L.L. Bean Vintage Field Watch

        I've got a handful of other cheapies, including a Timex Weekender and a Timex Ironman Shock (better than a G-Shock IMO).

        The box is one I made with my Dad while I was home for Christmas break not too long ago. Now I just need to work out some pillows for the watches....




          I've got just two watches:

          Bulova 96B015 (wedding gift from my wife):

          Fossil Walter:

          I like:

          Orient Vintage:



            Love the look of this - ce_id=107981&promotion_code=

            But $1200 for quartz movements is just ridiculous



              @JMonte: I suppose it's the name. My brother bought his wife a B&M watch as a wedding gift, and it probably costed in that neighborhood. I'm pretty sure it was quartz, too.



                @Alan - I have no problem spending on a time piece, but I have a fundamental problem with paying that much money for a watch that is neither automatic nor contains any precious metals, regardless of name.



                  @JMonte: I don't disagree in the least.



                    BenR.. i was gonna say.. that's a nice watch case



                      Timex Easy Reader Brown Strap


                      Timex Easy Reader Black Strap


                      Seiko SNZG17K1


                      Movado Luno (gift from GF)


                      The Movado looks ok, but I rarely wear it. For a while I was rotating the two Easy Reader's based on whatever color shoes/belt I was wearing, but now that I have gotten the SNZG17K1 i've been wearing it every day.



                        Wow... All I've got is my cheapie Relic blue-faced w/ stainless bracelet... I really love that Jazzmaster and I loved some of the Orients, but all of the ones I wanted and could afford were discontinued. I do like the Vintage but it was more than I was looking to spend.



                          I have a swiss army 1884


                          the J.Crew 1600 timex


                          the Seiko 5 with blue nato reviewed here


                          as well as 2 much nicer watches I inherited - a stainless Rado and a Rolex navy subrmariner.

                          Thing is, I don't wear watches at all - I work in a hospital in scrubs up near people's faces, and watches are vectors for MRSA, as well as have potential to scratch people's faces. So hard to justify kicking out beacoup bucks for them. But I love Rolexes, and couldn't resist rolling the dice on two $70-90 experiments, to see if alpha watches are worth it:

                          Green/white submariner copy


                          and a seamaster copy


                          Loved the Paul Newman knock off as well. Heard on various forums alpha watches they can be hit or miss in quality, mostly hit; arrive 7-10 days from HK after paypal clears. I figure 3-5 years down the line, if they die and I've liked them, I will consider springing for these heirloom type pieces. But $5000-8000 for a watch?

                          Also like the Skagen super thin line.



                            @JMonte - I agree. That is a lot to pay for a quartz watch. A friend of mine bought a quartz Tag Heuer about 10 years ago for $1200. To each their own I guess.

                            I'm really liking the Bernhardt Binnacle Anchor:


                            I also love the Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic:




                              I've got several, nothing fancy.

                              Orient Mako, Black Dial

                              Skagen thin dress watch on mesh band

                              M H Bertucci Field Watch on Nato Strap (watch currently not running)

                              Vostok Amphibia

                              Timex of some sort, I think it's an older expedition. Metal case, brown leather band.


                              Orient Mako with Pepsi Bezel

                              Hamilton King Khaki

                              Omega Seamaster