The Nintendo DS still has a few signs of life. They reside on the levels of the Sulaco.You might have thought that Nintendo’s aging dual-screen portable – the one without the fancy 3D graphics – would have been phased out by now, but Sega’s Aliens: Infestation proves otherwise. On any console and in any era, there will forever be a home for a simple side-scrolling 8-bit adventure, and developer WayForward churns out an Aliens game that runescape Gold cribs freely from that genre.

If you played the original Metroid or Castlevania, then you’ll feel perfectly at home with Infestation. Essentially, you’re dropped onto the Sulaco, the ship from the movie, and you’ll explore its many areas and floors, looking to unravel some unknown mystery.You know how this all finishes, but it’s fun nevertheless, in a charming old-school way. The game is heavy on exploration as you traverse its floors, and backtracking comes with the Metroid-esque territory; you’ll spend much of the game searching for Level keys, which unlock different floors, opening new areas to explore. You’ll discover a variety of different tools — think a welder and a wrench — that will also open up runescape money inaccessible sections.

Everything must be monitored and rationed carefully in Infestation, adding to the drama and survival feel. Your ammo is limited, even in your basic pulse rifle, so you must blast through the androids — and eventually aliens — that are strew throughout the ship carefully. They put up plenty of fight, too, making Infestation a game that is not for the faint of heart.You will feel overpowered early on, occasionally even running from battle to go hide in an elevator hallway, one of the game’s few safe havens. But even running isn’t easy; it depletes a stamina bar, forcing you to carefully consider every combat roll and all-out sprint to safety. Thankfully, an impressive weapon upgrading system allows you to eventually even the odds. By game’s end, you feel like you can match the aliens, a razor-sharp marine ready for battle against ever-tougher buy runescape gold alien enemies.

Lives are also not to be taken lightly. You control one member of a four-man team that searches the Sulaco, and you can only switch team members in the rare resupply rooms that also double as save points. Thing is, marines die, they are gone forever, and replacing them is not easy. Additional marines can be added to your team if you find them on the Sulaco, but they can ONLY be added if you have lost a marine in battle, so when a member of your team dies, it leads you to do Runescape accounts — yup — backtracking.

Yes, I know how arcane this all sounds, but WayForward does much of this intentionally. The entire Infestation experience is meant to be throwback, and it feels proper — almost reverent — in its entire treatment. Infestation could easily have included some voiceover action for much of the marines’ dialogue; instead, it opts for plenty of text conversations. To some, this may be annoying, but really, it simply completes the old-school package, along with those oh-so-rare save points and buy Runescape accounts the scarcity of weapons, energy and stamina.

In the end, Infestation is a game that’s perfect for anyone who’s sick of the ultra-forgiving, oft-boring 3-D gameplay often pawned off as “adventure”. It’s old-school to a fault, and the more you watch Sega, the more you notice the company building its portable titles this way; Shinobi for 3DS was also decidedly old-school.It’s a good move by Sega, too, because the old-school game from the 8-bit era will never die.