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My post-Christmas spending hiatus crashed and burned today.

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    My post-Christmas spending hiatus crashed and burned today.

    In a spectacular manner, at least.

    I kept saying I was taking a break in an effort to make it true, but when I put the LEC Outlet store on my to-do list today, I was silently murdering that resolution. Anyone else keeping it alive? Kudos to you! Hold out! I'll just be on the sidelines here, cheering you on.

    $63. And I sized down to a SMALL for all this. I'm 6'1", wearing a small. I can't wait for my metabolism to slow down. Here's hoping that happens when I turn 30 this year.


    Hahaha... $63 is not crashing and burning. That's a minor slip.



      January was a bust for me as well but I'm vowing to take February off from all clothes related spending. We'll see how long it lasts.



        At 27 and having my metabolism already have slowed (as well as my gym regimen), saying 'I can't wait for my metabolism to slow down' is heresy. That being said, I probably haven't fit a small in anything since high school.



          Hey, I haven't even told my wife about the AE Bagleys I found on Ebay. I figure I'll just slip them into the closet and see if she doesn't notice. :-P (They come in today.)

          But at least I didn't pick up the J. Crew Red Wings! So that's something... right? :-)



            I to had put off purchasing anything until at least March... Well I have a wedding this month and J Crew has 40% off sale items, HELLO CHINO SUIT!

            Hello my name is Carlos and I have a problem -maybe-



              It's only a problem if it's affecting the rest of your life, otherwise it's just a habit



                @ Jason, that's why I put "maybe" because I knew someone here would put it in perspective. Habit, I like how that sounds, vs problem.



                  Careful though, because junkies also have habits



                    nicholascrawford, welcome to my pain. Once every 2 weeks work or the honey-do list puts me near a Sears LEC with constant 50% off sales, an H&M, Marshalls, or J.Crew. So just "checking it out" leads to a purchase.

                    The online LEC clearance and J.Crew 40% off sale also leads to me violating a combo of 15 & 7 on this list during downtime at work


                    Finally, #14 is a given...and doesn't stop anything.

                    I've got to stop, seriously; I even sprang for Bonobos Balls of Christmas $50 and the 2 woolrich old man plaid pants for $90 each when they went on post-XMas "sale " justifying them as my fun holiday pants for the next 1-2 decades.

                    Challenge: make a list of the only things you NEED in 2012 - for me, its one item: Bonobos Tryptopants. (Ok, NEED is relative).



                      Things have changed for the better for us financially in the last 5 years, and it's been weird to recalibrate. Just cuz I CAN buy this and this and this and this doesn't mean I SHOULD.

                      My old yardstick of whether or not I had the cash is a moot point (although that was probably a bad metric to begin with). Now, I'm trying to determine what's going to be timeless, high quality, a well-fitting. Still tough to swerve around the sale-priced low-hanging fruit.



                        @NC: I can always find a way to justify the sale-priced low-hanging fruit as accent pieces to a more expensive solid collection. I haven't yet turned away a $15 tie that I really liked (and even a couple I was on the fence about). Or that $12 denim jacket from LEC when they had their 40% off sale. Yeah, I might wear it 5 or 10 times ever, but it's pretty much paid for itself at that point.



                          I need to focus on making some big purchases. The two MTM suits were a good step in that direction. Yesterday, I almost spent enough for a Ratio shirt. Or a cheap sportcoat. It's just easier for me to think that I got 3 or 4 items instead of one. I need to reverse that thinking!



                            I know what you mean because I'm in the same boat... except with shoes. I've stopped buying 50% off casual shoes for a particular, casual look and am saving up for a pair of AE cap toe balmorals.

                            I also want to eventually get a third suit. I expect that will be a major purchase.



                              Nice to know I'm not in the same boat. I too keep putting myself on a break or a hiatus, and then another sale comes along and lures me in. I typically offset frivolous spending by ebaying things off, but the plan was to start 2012 by saving more of that money and spending less of it. Of course, after a close inspection of what's in my closet, I realized the time had come for a great wardrobe purge, and more focus to be put on some essentials that needed replacing, or buying in general. It's a good time to do it with so many sales going on, at least.

                              Kudos to Weng for mentioning the "make a list of what you need", because I've done just that. A few odd purchases here and there to spice things up, but for the most part I'm limiting myself to only the necessities.