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Shoe sizing down for Red Wing and Bushacres?

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    Shoe sizing down for Red Wing and Bushacres?

    Do you guys size down in Red Wings and Bushacres?

    I'm a size 9 in everything thusfar. Addias running shoes, LLBean, etc. 42-43 european.

    Just got Clark's bushacre 2 beeswax in 8.5 based on sizing down reccomendations. Just got the J.Crew Red Wing Beckmans in 9, unsure if I should have gotten the 8.5. The reviews on Amazon suggest sizing down...and I don't have time to get to a store.


    I wear a 10 in most everything and my Red Wing Iron Rangers are a 9.5. They are just roomy enough to fit decent wool socks in but not super thick ones.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Thanks Greg. Got the beckmans in 9 and 8.5, after clarifying that they can be returned to a store or via mail.



        My true size is 11.5 and I went with 11 in Bushacres. Wearing them right now in fact.



          Weng, are you saying you wear size 9 in both dress shoes and sneakers? Most people wear at 1/2 to 1 size higher in their sneakers than they do in their dress shoes.

          I own the Beckmans and another pair of RWs right now. If you have average width feet and you will be wearing them the same way you wear dress shoes (ie, just walking around and with regular dress/athletic socks), definitely size down 1/2 from your normal dress shoe size.

          If you're thinking about using them in some kind of active capacity like hiking or working outdoors, you should consider going with your regular dress shoe size.

          Most people size down because they feel uncomfortable with the extra room in the toebox, but that's done on purpose so that people can wear thick winter socks and also have some toe room. When you're wearing them actively, your foot will tend to slide at some point no matter how tightly you try to lace your boots and if you don't leave enough room you will stub your toes and you're also more likely to get blisters. I've spent much of my life in boots, so I found out the hard way...



            Thanks Chareth. I think I'm just not picky and don't wear dress shoes frequently/for long periods of time, so I've always gotten 9 . 99% of the time I'm in gym sneakers or dansko/crocs.

            I got 8.5 and 9 for the Beckmans, and plan on returning one. I got the bushacres in 8.5 with no return option. It will be interesting to see which ones I go for...will update once I get them.