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    Athletic Cut Shirts

    So my deal is:

    6'6" tall


    42Xlong jacket


    The drop from my shoulders to my waist makes almost every article of clothing look very billowy in the lower half of my torso.

    I realize the obvious answer is buying whatever fits in the shoulders, and tailoring(need to find a good tailor in my area) or MTM, which I am in the process of trying.

    But does anyone have any OTR options that might fit me well?


    Welcome to the not-fat club. You're on the far end of things in terms of height. Plus, an 8" drop from chest to waist is just not what most OTR clothes are designed for. Their was a Gladiator line of suits years ago that was made for that kind of drop. It'd be fun to say you were wearing one...

    You're on the right track with what you said. Which MTM options are you looking at? Are you trying to buy a suit or dress shirts specifically?

    Don't feel like you're an odd-one-out for tailoring. It's good for everyone.



      I'm same weight, chest (probably), and waist as you. Here's what fits me well, though the sleeve length MAY not be enough for you, depending on your preferences.

      LEC medium;

      Gant rugger hugger large (not e-z fit)

      RL custom large for l/s shirts and L for "slim fit" polos



        I'm a normal 6" drop and still have trouble finding shirts that don't billow at the waist. I've had success with Gap/BR if I size down, cheap on sale but not the nicest fabrics. I have a few shirts from Bonobos as well, and they were surprisingly slim, so might be worth a try. LEC is hit or miss for me, but the hits are worth the hassle. I'd also echo Gant hugger, and I've heard good things about Brooks Brothers' slim/extra slim fit lines.

        Overall though I'd say get used to the idea of tailoring - it should only be $15-$20 to take in a shirt, which opens up many more possibilities.



          Thanks for the feedback guys. The MTM site I'm trying is, they have a trial OCBD available for a great price, only for new customers. Still waiting on that to arrive, if it fits great I may have to order some more.