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What's your favorite purchase recently?

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    @BKA, I just got a used pair of Strands on ebay for $130. Used, yeah, but still in good condition. Definitely check ebay regularly for some good used AE's. I think my next buy would be the Park Avenue. Easily my favorite shoe.

    As for my favorite new purchase, it would have to be my Rugby Vintage University chinos in robins egg blue. Love Rugby chinos. Can't wait to get a couple in the F/W colors.



      Abusing the daily hookup $120 for $60 certificate and the 2 $50 referrals I had. I bought the Red, Light Lavendar, Mediterranean Blue, and Gray Chinos from Bononbos. May final cost was $132. 4 great pants for $33 each.

      My favorite pair is the light Lavender. They are more subtle than most of the other more flashy colors that bonobos sales, but they add a nice element to any outfit.



        @Albert, thanks for the ebay reminder, I never think "ebay" after I think "shoes" and I need to re-train my thinking on that one...especially when it comes to shoes that last 20+ years, can be recrafted, and have only been worn less than 1% of their possible lifespan in order to get a 75% discount!!! Nice find!



          @BKA...Just my size. A little too pricey for the condition, but at least he leaves it open to offers. I buy all my dress shoes this way.


          And one more... mmmmm... Talk about a steal...



            I think I just found out where the rest of my paychecks are going...ebay, you've done it again!



              I snagged a pair of black AE Park Avenues on ebay for 50 bucks a few weeks back. I don't have many opportunities to wear them, but damn are they sharp--and daaamn are they comfortable.



                The local AE store was price matching nordstrom. She offered without me even asking.



                  Much like somanticmarker1, I too abused Bonobos tonight with 2 of the Daily Hookup coupons and the 30% code to get the gray seersucker suit and a belt for an even $120.

                  Before that, my favorite recent purchases would have to be those two...

         ges%2FAll_Ties.asp&pg=1&categoryIds=31,22,62,20&op tionValueIds=2


                  They go great together.



                    My latest Bulova watch. Square face, dark grey and black checkered metallic face, skeletonized see through face, Miyota automatic mechanical movement.



                      5 Mossimo athletic fit henley t's from target, light brown, light blue, green, navy, gray (all are heathered). Great fit, very slim. I have been wearing them for pretty much all ultra-casual circumstances. Half polyester means I've even been wearing them to the gym.

                      They were on clearance when I found them. Got the first three for $7 each and the last two for $2.50 each. Fit is similar to their t's, though maybe a bit shorter. Still a few colors at my local target.



                        I have gone on a bit of a shopping spree as of late.

                        1. Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic. Got a smoking deal on one that was only worn once

                        2. JCrew outlet suit during the last sale. I am still waiting for the jacket as it is on back order.



                          Just some simple super dark indigo washed Levi 505s. All of my other dark washed jeans have gotten faded/too big over the last year so I found myself down a staple clothing item.



                            Black Allen Edmonds Lombard from the Nordstrom sale a few months ago!



                              just got a grey suit/blue windowpane ralph lauren suit on ebay.

                              for 36 bucks.

                              also just got 2 timex weekenders off amazon, one white face, one black. the silver hands on the black face are kind of hard to see though, so I put the maroon strap (which I like more) with the white face, and that's what I've been wearing around as my day to day watch



                                Ben, where did you get the maroon strap?

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