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What's your favorite purchase recently?

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    What's your favorite purchase recently?

    I bought a plain, marled looking t-shirt (clay red) from Ragstock, by Alternative Earth.

    Also, I bought a block strip, dark grey, light grey, white, red (all old looking, that vintage look) from Mossimo at Target, those two have gotten the most wear out of anything I own the past few weeks.

    Both of these were less then $8.

    What's your favorite purchases recently? Where can we get them, how much are they?

    <ul>[*]Argyle socks in purple, green, yellow, and orange from Express. They were 4 for $25 that day.[*]Mike Konos suede oxfords as recommeneded by Dappered[/list]



      First of all, got an Orient Blue Mako a little while back (which I still consider new I guess) which I love and has become my go-to watch.

      Also, got some mossimo polos and v-necks (which are great, the neck isn't too deep) in all sorts of colors at target, and are now perfect since it's hot here.

      Finally, got a pair of bright orange sperrys on sale, just in time for summer



        Navy Leather Sperry's - used only enough to be broken in but not worn out for $22

        Mossimo polos (standard around here after Joe tipped it off)

        Black Allen Edmonds Concord Wingtips used in like new condition with shoe trees - $40 at antique shop

        Vintage tortoise shell Ray Bans - $18 at different antique shop

        Got very lucky on some great used goods lately



          Looks like you've been hauling some great deals andrew. I've been looking for some navy leather sperry's to add to the boat shoe collection and I'm incredibly envious of the steal on the allen edmonds.



            Damn. Lucky and nice buys guys!!

            I picked up one of the trilby fedoras by Converse from Target, and am loving it. It's a brown weave. Looks great, and I have a pretty carefee, young style in the summer (I am 20). So, it works, I just kind of let it fall however it wants, my hair sticks out however.

            I love it.



              Brown Allen Edmonds driving mocs (boulder model). Never thought I'd like driving mocs because I don't care for thick rubber soles, but they've become my go to casual shoes for the sockless and shorts look.



                Picked up the navy blue J Crew cotton/linen V-neck sweater that Joe has featured a couple times now. This thing is thick, but very breathable and has an amazing feel to it due to the 55% linen content. If you're a tall, slim guy, I would especially recommend it because the sleeve and total body lengths are much (2 - 2.5") longer than their usual sweaters in the size I purchased (small). For the record, I'm 6'3", 175 lbs, 39-40" chest and like a fitted but not tight fit on my sweaters.

                Well worth the fairly expensive cost when you can get it during a 30% off sale.



                  Just bought a B.R.cotton/linen blazer over the weekend on sale for $50. Originally was $119, but for some reason was knocked down 60%. Hey, I'm not complaining.

                  Needed a summer blazer and this fit the bill!!



                    LL Bean Unshrinkable T shirts. Come in tall, which is handy, fit nice, good colors, and are super soft. Though I hate spending 20 bucks a piece on plain Ts, they are worth it. I've ordered 4-5 lately.



                      Banana Republic soft wash cotton v-neck tee's for ~$10 a piece



                        Banana Republic soft wash cotton v-neck tee's for ~$10 a piece </blockquote>

                        Now that is something I can get behind!

                        I'm always in search of a good plain t-shirt. I have about a dozen crewneck and v-necks by Hanes, and I love them. I wear them constantly.

                        I also love Polo's plain t-shirts, but to echo @bassopotamus I hate spend 20+ on a t-shirt.

                        Otherwise, Banana Republic has always done good with their plain t-shirts and when you can find them for cheap (early fall!!) they are a prime piece.



                          Ooh, ooh, new favorite... Orient Black Mako watch. It's super duper.



                            I don't know how I could've forgot this!

                   0&startValue=1&selectedProductColor=&sortby=&id=13 194402&parentid=M_ACC_JEWELRYWATCH&sortProperties= +subCategoryPosition,+product.marketingPriority&na vCount=570&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=M_A CC_JEWELRYWATCH&popId=MENS_ACCESSORIES&prepushId=& selectedProductSize=

                            This was easily my favorite purchase of December. I bought it on sale for $3 and free shipping. It has not come off my wrist since it's arrived. it's a part of me, along with my other 4 bracelets. I love it because it adds a bit of color to me, minimally so. Mine is the green color.



                              made in Italy Johnston & Murphy, at Goodwill for $6.99