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    Clothes from Asia

    So I'm in the market of buying trench coat but it seems most of the ones made by US manufacturers are a bit boxy and not very slim cut. But anyway, so I looked on Ebay and a lot of Asian manufacturers make slim fitting clothes such as this trench coat. I was wondering if anybody has any experience buying clothing from Asia. I know it says to size up and I am a little afraid it might not fit me. Here's an example of what I am looking to buy. In terms of my build, I am relatively lean and go to the gym but not overly muscular.


    I'm 5'10 165lbs athletic build and normally wear "M" in USA clothes. However, some of the clothes I bought from Asia are L (Bossini brand).



      If you don't have the measurements, be careful. When i traveled around Asia nothing fit me (6'0 185lb). Even XLs wouldnt fit in the shoulders. Lots of nice clothes for good prices, but they tend to be made for a certain body type.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        You're definitely going to have to size up in Asian sizes. I usually wear a medium / 40-41R but when I got my Barbour x Tokito motorcycle jacket designed by a Japanese designer and (I'm guessing) using Japanese sizing, I had to get an XL.

        Asia is a big place. Some places in Hong Kong like The Armoury are as good as any haberdashery in the world and you can get amazing quality (at a price). Some of the cheapest, shoddiest stuff will also come out of Asia.

        In terms of design, Japan is emerging as a great place for fashion design, and they're on a big Americana / heritage kick. Most of the best selvage denim is coming out of Japan now.

        The link you sent looks like the stuff I've seen coming out of Korea. They like the ultra-slim cuts. They definitely wouldn't work for me, and I'm not sure of the quality.



          True! Thanks for the info. Ya. It looks like the arms might be a little too form fitting. I wish there was a way to know the quality too, like there should be some kind of yelp or message board about it.



            no first hand experience, but there are many other sellers like that on ebay (youstars/fastars/whatwears-fr, etc). Quality seems on par with H&M. Some discussions on SF:



              I have had some good experiences with Vancl. In U.S. sizes I am a 42/medium, in Vancl stuff I am a large/XL (and at Old Navy I am a small )

              The surest way to avoid disappointment is to measure. Take measurements from clothes you have and compare them to the measurements in the ebay listing. I have noticed that some Asian jackets are cut a little short for my taste, so I would pay particular attention to that.

              Quality wise, I would say that Vancl is higher quality than H&M. I don't know about these Korean sellers on ebay though.



                That is a nice looking jacket! I'll have to look into this stuff... Thanks for sharing.



                  As it has been pretty covered, yes, Asian sizing is smaller than American/European sizing for the obvious reasons. Ignore the S/M/L tagging and go by the measurements.



                    Actually, does anybody know how accurate their measurements are? Like for the coat I listed, it says the bust for a large is 45.7 inches. That seems a tad bit large even for American standards or I am interpreting it incorrectly? Like I thought a medium in terms of chest is about 38".



                      The trench coat you are looking at doesn't appear to have any padding or liner plus trench coats are supposed to essentially fit to size (at most, +1 inch your true chest size). With that in mind, it does appear at first glance that the bust (why bust and not chest?) measurements are off. I suspect that they didn't measure under the armpits, but a couple of inches higher and around the arms too...


                        Sorry about reviving this ancient thread, but I have been "thrifting" on eBay and there are a LOT of Korean/Chinese ultra-slim cut clothing on eBay. They show up on Amazon as well (Korean ones called Doublju and TheLees)

                        Half of these are way too trendy (if you can even call it that...they simply look like something out of an anime cartoon. For example:

                        Some of the peacoats, trenchcoats and leather jackets seem normal enough and are dirt cheap. My issue is of course quality and fit (Asian sizing is generally two whole sizes down, for example, if you wear a US Medium, you need an Asian XL).

                        I am looking as a peacoat ( and faux leather jacket Both seem like they might look good on me based on measurements (the pictures are always way slimmer than the actual fit), but it's beens aid that the coats are thin and are more fashion than function.

                        Any experiences here?


                          I just ordered a navy blazer from a Korean seller on eBay. Should be getting it in 1-2 weeks. Will let you know how it goes based on fit, quality etc.