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Any Experience with Fit on Land's End Canvas Heritage Tees

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    Any Experience with Fit on Land's End Canvas Heritage Tees

    They are $7 in a wide array of colors through Monday, 1/23.

    I recently bought a few T Shirts through American Apparel, their Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T Shirt in medium and loved the fit.

    On Sale, the Lands End tees are about half the price. Does anyone have experience with the Heritage Tees? How fitted are they? Do they compare in fit and/or quality to the American Apparel tees?


    I'm curious as well. I just ordered a bunch of Gap t-shirts and even on sale they were 12 bucks a piece. I guess I could order some LEC Ts and return whichever ones I like less.



      I don't know. An alternative option is if you have an H&M nearby, their v-neck gray tees are great and $6 each. Similar to the pewter heather color, thin and good as a base layer.



        You can always chat and ask. like everything else LEC, though, I'd say go down in size. However, these being cotton, they'll shrink in the dryer. I have their jaspe v-neck, and unwashed it's a little big for me in large/44 chest. Not unbearably big, but could be slimmer. It hasn't been to the dryer yet though.



          I felt like they were sized appropriately when I got one in-store. If you size down for t-shirts in general for thr tighter fit, then yeah. I wear mediums for everything, even in t-shirts to get the length in the body even though my chest is a definite small. The indigo color is killer in person!



            I own the Heritage Crew Neck Tee in light blue size M and I really like it. The cotton is soft and I think the fit is real good. It's fitted but not super tight.



              I would recommend Mossimo with Gap coming in second. I think Mossimo is $9-10 regular and less than that on sale or clearance. They are a true athletic fit and the fabric feels decent. Gap has good fabric and fit (size down), but their V's are deeper and therefore more trendy.



                I bought a couple smalls at a similar sale to the one that is going on. The v-neck is a little low for me, but not too bad. I like the crew neck better.

                The fit on mine is similar to the small athletic fit banana republic t's I have, except a bit longer at the waist and sleeves. Maybe slightly less fitted overall. The cotton is soft, but very thin, which might annoy some.

                comparison to T's I have:

                larger cut and much thinner material compared to Old Navy smalls

                little longer, a bit less fitted than banana republic smalls

                Pretty similar to an H&M medium, but sleeves and waist are a bit longer

                Much less fitted than the Mossimo athletic fit smalls, but similar otherwise

                If you want really fitted, get the Mossimos, but if they polyester bothers you, then I would get the LEC ones before the others I have



                  I'm 5'10" 180, athletic build with broad shoulders. I like the fit of the medium LEC Heritage Tees- it's fitted but not tight against the skin. I don't know about the AA Tee you have, but I have worn medium AA Tees and they are definitely tighter.



                    I chatted with an LEC rep today and learned the following. The small is 37" chest and 27.25" length. The medium is 41" chest and 27.75" chest.

                    I own a Mossimo athletic fit which I measure as 42-42.5" in the chest in a medium. So it sounds like the LEC shirt is as slim (or slimmer) in that measurement, but I'm not sure how it tapers.

                    For comparison, I measured the chest on the American Apparel tee and it is about 38.5".

                    So all the options are fuller cut than the AA tee, but it sounds like the LEC shirt is a good option for basic color tees that aren't billowy by any means.



                      I have a 41 inch chest, and there is no way that I am squeezing an extra 4 inches out of my 2 LEC small t's. Maybe mine were more trim when I got them, and they just never fully went back into shape after getting stretched while worn. My 7-8 Mossimo small athletic fit t's and henleys, by comparison, have to be stretched significantly in the chest and shoulder area to avoid looking ridiculous. Don't judge me... the mediums are too long!

                      Say what you like about poly blend shirts, but at least they look the same after a few washes.