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    Trench coat advice

    I need to find a trench for under 100 dollars; I know that's an optimistic price range, but there's some wiggle room (not too much, I'm a college student). I got one for Christmas, but it just wasn't what I was looking for. The other huge issue is that I have an olive green fedora (trilby) that I wear most of the time, so I want to avoid any color that might make me resemble inspector gadget. At the same time, I'd love to find something more interesting than solid black. A pattern would be awesome, but I can't seem to find any with a tasteful pattern for less than 1000. Any specific trenches, ideas on color, or even thoughts about it in general are welcome.

    - I'm a big fan of the one that Mr. Blue wears ( in the original "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three."


    Every time I hit up thrift stores, I always find a plethora of London Fog trench coats. Most of them are camel colors, but I have occasionally seen navy.



      Yeah, you could do a London Fog from almost any thrift store. I've seen some interesting ones with grey and blue glen plaid.

      I like my trench coat from Lands End Canvas (not sure if it's available anymore)... I got it for like $60 on sale at the beginning of the fall.... but it's just the regular khaki.

      Good, Fast, Cheap.... pick 2.



        They're hard to find (in navy) in the thrift stores I go to, but maybe it'd be worth the detour to get to a larger thrift store. I always feel like I'm swimming in the overcoats I find in thrift stores, so tailoring would be expensive I imagine. I do like the navy though, that'd be a nice color (and it'd go with practically everything I own).

        Glenn plaid would be the ideal. But Gettysburg, PA (my hometown), as you can imagine, doesn't have huge thrift stores. And I haven't been able to find a big one in Albany, NY (the closest nearby city at school).



          How do you get to school? Drive through Philly and NYC and stop at thrifts. You'll have a whole new wardrobe when you get there



            Try ebay, scored a Burberry trench for under $40 less than a month ago, just have to be patient and be willing to take a bit of a risk on size.




              Thanks for all the advice.. I go to the city sometimes, but won't be going for a little bit. Have been checking ebay.. trying to decide if its worth the risk. Thoughts?


              could look great, but is it worth the money? especially if it may need some tailoring



                The big question is - are you a 36R? =) Have you gotten measured or wear other 36Rs?



                  The other question is what will you be wearing the trench coat over? Needless to say, clothes add thickness. I have a rain coat that fits well over a regular shirt, but I can't fit it over a suit without removing the liner. Even then, the arms could be a little longer.



                    On a related note,

                    Do you size up when buying a trench coat if you plan on using it as an outer coat?

                    I know for some peacoats, it already accounts for the extra clothing and you just buy your regular size.

                    Will trench coat be different?



                      I imagine it depends on maker and exactly what you plan on wearing under it, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if you had to size up.



                        I'd measure an overcoat that you already have to match up with the measurements on the eBay listing. That will give you some idea of what the fit will be like.

                        These trenchcoats look like they're designed to fit as close as a sweater.



                          Pattern-wise, there's this. It isn't a true trench, but it's good in the winter with trench styling. A more true single-breasted trench is here.

                          If you want to avoid Inspector Gadget comparisons, avoid gray. If you're really paranoid, avoid the knee-length, double-breasted versions.



                            I'm a 38, but the sleeves are 32.5 inches, and vintage trenches are bound to run a little wide. So I'm thinking it should fit, theoretically.. If I'm honest with myself, the sleeves are probably gonna be way short, I like to wear mock sweaters over button downs a lot, but could wear it with just a button down as well. At this point, I'd love to go grey or navy glen plaid or solid navy. I have a pea coat, so I wouldn't want it to be too thick. I do like that LL Bean signature pattern (really just the pattern though). And ideally, I'd like to go double breasted.. My pea coat is larger, but I think I'd like to go slimmer for the trench, as I'll be wearing it much of the time with just a button down or thin sweater. Also open to brown.. but haven't really seen much of it around.



                              I'm hoping this one will go on sale soon =33059&storeId=13051&productId=4428608&langId=-1&categoryId=&searchTerm=trench&pageSize=20

                              but until I find a reasonably priced one, I'll keep checking ebay.