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Hawaiian Honeymoon - How do I avoid looking like a goofy tourist?

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    Hawaiian Honeymoon - How do I avoid looking like a goofy tourist?

    Fashion newbie as well as a newbie to this site. Hello all! I recently got hitched, and the wife and I have a week in Hawaii planned for the honeymoon! I don't want to spend a week in Hawaii wearing your average goofy tourist island-shirts, cargo shorts, flip flops, etc. I want to know what the Dappered man would wear! I'm 6'4" and have an average build. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!



    Congrats to the newlywed!

    First of all, what do you plan on doing while there? Will you be lounging on the beach for a week or will there be any fancy romantic dinners in the cards? Stuff like that...

    Also, are you asking for help finding things in your own closet or are you talking about going shopping? And if the latter, what's your budget?

    As for a totally unsolicited, un-clothes-related suggestion... Before you spend any money on a vacation wardrobe, make sure you've got a good camera (bought or borrowed). The memories will last a lot longer than the clothes, and the pictures will be your best (and cheapest) souveniers. Being the beach, you might be tempted to buy a waterproof camera. Unless you already have a quality camera, don't do it. Waterproof cameras take crappy pictures. They make fine backup or second cameras, but don't rely on them as a primary.



      linen. lots of linen. as much as you can stand, though linen and chinos is fine. I love linen, but am really only comfortable with it on the top half of my body.

      sandals are fine, if you're literally only on the beach. otherwise, boat shoes or loafers for a "more refined" look, white superga classics for a more sneaker look that's not too NIKE-PUMP-AIRMAX-SUPER-ATHLETE.

      I'd get a trim fitting linen shirt or two (long and short sleeve--linen and madras are the only acceptable short sleeve shirts), get them tailored, have a pair of khaki or blue shorts that goes with your shirts, and kill it.'re wearing what I wear to fish in here in the Florida summers. If you really want a hat, and can do it, find a straw fedora. Also what I use to fish in.

      Sunglasses are key; don't go with the same N-P-A-S-A you avoided in the shoes, but find some classically styled shades. Depending on budget, persol is awesome. I go w/ polarized, but then that's because I'm on the water so much; not as critical if you're not.

      Madras, as mentioned above, is also a great look...but I'm not sure how comfortable you are w/ "crazy plaids". Lands' End Canvas has some good madras short sleeves for crazy cheap right now. I just got one in the mail yesterday. They're a tiny bit trimmer than the rest of their shirts; I wear a medium in everything else there (jackets, oxfords, poplins), despite being a 44" chest (as I've said elsewhere, size down in LEC), and the medium in this madras is a TOUCH snug...but, madras stretches pretty easily, so wearing it a few times around the house should get it sized nicely.



        Isn't being a goofy tourist half the fun?



          I agree with Shawn about linen on the lower half - especially light colored linen. You'll see clear through that stuff if you get the wrong one, and it's even worse if it gets wet. :-P



            I would suggest a cotton, unstructured blazer. I have one that I wore on a cruise and liked the versatility. Layers are nice so that you can drop to a tee in the sun and pop the jacket back on when the sun goes down.



              I'm headed to Hawaii for spring break this year (!). First time I'll have gone somewhere warm on vacation in many years.... One thing I've been told to keep in mind is that some of the beaches are comprised of volcanic glass, which will cut regular flip flops to shreds.

              I mostly plan on bringing shorts, polos, boat shoes, swim trunks, a couple lighter-weight button-downs. Probably my Chacos as well, not because they are fashionable (they aren't), but because I can wear them on the beach without fear of my feet getting chewed up. I'm avoiding bringing pants and jackets because I'll be traveling with just a carry-on.





                Personally, I'd replace anytime you could wear the Hawaiian shirt with a regular polo shirt. Maybe a linen suit for one dinner or something outside.Definitely some lighter pants or shorts.




                  I've been to Kauai and Oahu and I noticed that most of the locals dress like goofy tourists themselves.

                  @BenR: Unless you know you're going to some black sand beaches, I wouldn't stress out about the sand. The 8-10 beaches I went to all had soft sand, including two that were just amazingly powdery.



                    Thanks for all the advice so far. To answer Alan's questions, we plan to do it all. That means swimming, snorkeling, beaches, luaus, fancy restaurants, dancing, day trips, hiking - whew, getting excited! I plan on buying everything I'll be wearing brand new, with a budget of around a grand.

                    You guys are already fantastically helpful, thank you!



                      @ Chareth - Well, some of the beaches may have lovely sand, but we were specifically warned that the beach by the place we're renting is a volcanic glass beach. We're going to be on the Big Island.




                        I'm from Hawaii, and the style there is extremely casual. The problem you're going to run into is most any shirt with a collar or fitted modern style will make you stick out (that t-shirt cargo pants outfit? that's somewhat the norm there). I think the trick will be standing out stylishly while not doing anything far from the norm.

                        Flip flops are standard for almost anywhere you're going, unless you're planning on going on a fancy dinner (which considering you're on your honeymoon you probably will be). I'd probably suggest getting some good shorts and polos or short sleeve button downs/popover shirts. Those will still stand out against the style norm of Hawaii, but not in a horribly tourist way. Wearing a suit or blazer casually is almost totally unheard of in Hawaii, not saying you can't do it, but be aware that you'll stand out even more so than usual.

                        Oh, and board shorts, not short swimming trunks/speedos or the like.



                          Helpful advice, Thelonious, thanks!

                          Got any suggestions on where to go/what to do in Kauai (aside from the usual beach/luau stuff?)



                            I had never spent a day at the spa before, but I did at the Hyatt in Kauai.

                            Very relaxing! Great Swedish massage!

                            It's a small island. I wish I had gotten inland, but it was a short trip. I was shocked to buy a medium pizza for $30! Not even delivered.



                              Hike the Hanakapiai Trail!