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Air Coltons vs These Shoes

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    Air Coltons vs These Shoes

    So, I received my Black Air Coltons yesterday and found them to be a little too pointy (I am a size 12), the leather is decent at that price point and they seem to be comfortable. Still, I went to ebay to see what I could find and here are three shoes for your consideration, all of them are AE: 8Men%27s%29%0912%0AWidth%09Medium+%28D%2C+M%29&has h=item6fc43cff87



    Are your Air Coltons the wingtips that were posted up here last week? If so, they're balmorals whereas all the three you've mentioned here are all bluchers. In other words, the Air Coltons are more formal.

    So the big question is, what do you intend to be wearing these shoes with? Formal, casual, or both? (And if both, then leaning more towards the formal or more towards the casual?)



      Excellent Points (as always). I was looking at more formal, the Ithacas hint towards the more formal. Although not as formal as the Coltons. Didnt you (Alan) order some Coltons? What was your impression...



        I actually did order the Coltons. They came in earlier this week. Unfortunately, they don't fit. They're too narrow. As for the looks, I wish they had a medallion on the front and I wish the brown color was a little lighter, but neither of those are deal breakers. I would probably be keeping them if only they fit.



          As for the Ithaca you mentioned, it's a cemented rubber-soled shoe. The Colton is a welted leather sole. So the Ithaca loses the recraftability that makes AE's popular and the cemented sole is not going to be as durable as the Colton's welted sole... At least in theory.

          With that in mind, and the fact that you want a more formal shoe, I'm even more a fan of the Colton. Of course, there are guys on here that know a lot more about shoes than I do, and I would be curious to see what they say.



            As for the pointy-ness of the Coltons... Yes, pointy shoes in larger sizes can look even that much larger. However, anything in black has the optical illusion of sort of shrinking.

            Also, it might feel wierd at first to walk in them if you've not used to it, but it doesn't take too long to grow accustomed to it (as long as they're just long because of the style and not long because they're too big). I have a pair of longer shoes that I used to avoid, but I wear them several times a week now, and they're the best shoes I own.

            ... and if they're TOO rounded in the front, they start to look like old man shoes. :-)



              And that is why this forum is great. Thanks for the advice. I am going to "suit-up" when I get home and see how they look. I really wanted to like these shoes. We shall see.



                Well the beauty of these forums is the multitude of opinions and the wealth of knowledge from multiple sources. I'd wait for a few more before taking mine alone. :-)



                  I have personal experience with a pair of "ae" branded Allen Edmonds, unfortunately. In short, they're not worth $150, in my opinion. The leather is corrected grain, and there is no structure to the shoe, possibly because of the rubber sole. They crease poorly and look more like a $75 shoe after a few wears. And unlike some rubber soled shoes that do a better job hiding that fact, these shoes very obviously have rubber soles even from the front or the sides.

                  You would be better suited buying a $100 rubber sole shoe from Zappos than an "ae" shoe. I'm a big Allen Edmonds fan, and I bought that pair to be a bad weather work shoe, but I regret it now.



                    I know I said that I didn't like the look of the Black Air Colton Wingtips on another thread, but I think it was just the Nordstrom website not doing them justice.

                    I just looked at both black and brown on Endless, and I have to change my mind; I think the shoe looks nice.

                    CJJ, I say give them another shot, as long as the shoe fits you well. Sometimes it takes a little getting used to a different look. IMO, just going by the pictures on the web, I wouldn't say that those Air Coltons are too pointy at all.