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GAP finds-Extra 40% off clearance

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    GAP finds-Extra 40% off clearance

    Talk about luck. After dining out with some friends last night, I took a walk through the mall, mainly just to kill time and window shop. Wandered into the GAP and noticed they were adding an extra 40% off the clearances prices in store (I haven't noticed this sale online...last I checked it was the standard 30% off sale). I wound up with a decent haul, with other things to consider.

    Things I purchased:

    GAP Italian moleskin blazer (the very one recommended on this site last month)

    Small blue check dress shirt (button down collar, original fit)

    2 ties (one navy with bolder blue dots, the other a white/black striped tie).

    Total for the haul? $64. The blazer, which retailed for $118 and only got as low as $55, only cost me $29 after the sale. Just like the article said I had to size up (I'm normally 40R, this is a 42R) and it fit perfectly.

    Lots of options on shirts and sweater. I did have 2 items I was debating on, and opinions would be welcome. The GAP Denim Jacket was there in my size and can be had for roughly $14 after the extra 40%, but it's been a long time since I wore a denim jacket so I'm unsure if I can still pull it off (I'm 31 and haven't worn one in about 10 years). It's a darker denim, you're almost not even able to tell it's denim. The other are the GAP straight fit pants in a brown hue, they fit OK and can allow for a little shrinking in the wash, but I'm not much of a fan of the flap pockets on the back.

    So there you have it. Been reading for a while, but this is my first post. Wanted to share in the greatness of the sale so you guys can get out there, and get some opinions on what I mentioned, or what I should look for when I venture back this weekend.


    I haven't stepped foot inside a GAP in years, but it sounds like I might have to go check it out after all.



      The denim jacket is a personal decision. I don't care for it, but I also don't care for leather jackets. The moleskin blazer looks sweet and was a killer price. I would love to check that out.

      For the pants, if they fit, why not! Nice work.

      I don't know what fits your midsection, but the classic fit shirts may be more width than you need. Something to consider when contemplating the true cost of an item.



        The shirt fit well over a standard t-shirt/undershirt, and I'm assuming it will shrink a little since previous GAP/Old Navy/BR purchases tend to get smaller in the wash (at least in my experience). I'm 5'11 and 160 lbs. with an average/skinny build, but even the GAP slim fit shirts in size large feel a bit tight on me after a few washes.

        Didn't bother to go back for the jacket, but may head back for the pants. There was a slim fit shirt there that I liked (almost a black/white gingham style) and it can be had for around $12. I might pick that up and just hang dry it to prevent shrinkage.