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Uniqlo suit for around $110

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    Uniqlo suit for around $110

    I have used this service called to buy a slimfit uniqlo wool blend sportcoat for 60 bucks. although it is a blend, it is not heavy, fabric feels good, the slim fit jacket is pretty good as i did not have to tailor it at all. They shop store for you and ship it next day or two day shipping for a small fee. Today, I saw that they were on sale again. So I bought the navy tasmanian blend slim fit along with the pants, for $110 shipped next day.



    just letting you guys know.


    What's the wool blended with? I'm on my phone and I can't tell from the site.



      Tasmanian wool, merino and polyurethane. i think.



        It's 98% Tasmanian wool, 2% polyurethane on the outside; 100% polyester in the inside (according to the Japanese side). No mention of whether it is merino wool or not.



          Tempting, what size did you get? I'm a 36S and have no idea what Uniqlo's sizing is like.



            @Trash, the sizing is pretty slim.

            In most brands I can get away with a 38/M and I couldn't at Uniqlo. 40/L was even a little snug if I remember correctly.

            @technojinn - this SuddenLee service sounds pretty fascinating. I did not know there was any way to purchase Uniqlo clothes online in the US. Can you give me some more details?



              @Joe, thanks, makes me hesitant to buy it without being able to try it on first.

              Suddenlee is pretty cool, but I haven't tried it yet. Basically you add a bookmarklet to your browser, and click it when you're on the product page for the item you want at Uniqlo's web site. It adds it to a "cart" and you check out and pay, and basically someone at Suddenlee goes to a Uniqlo store, buys your items, and ships them to you. You pay shipping and a relatively small fee.



                You can get Uniqlo to send you stuff if you call them. I have the suit mentioned above, in navy. Technojinn is right, the fitting is slim.

                I had the sleeves shortened and the pants hemmed, and my tailor was very impressed with the quality, he couldn't believe it when I told him how much it cost.



                  i bought a medium. normally i am a 38R/39R. My arms are a little long, so the last jacket i purchased fit was spot on.

                  @ChrisW I called the store once, and I was told I could only buy in person. I read a similar comment on styleforum, how recently did you order directly from them?



                    I have only ever bought in store, but I called them and they said they would send it out if I liked. Maybe that is only within NY? This was about 3 months ago.



                      Is it me, or is the button stance on the jacket way too high?

                      Looks like it might as well be 3B. Deal breaker IMO



                        How do you make sure Suddenlee takes into account the sales? Right now everything is shown online as full price.