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    JCrew Corduroy Sportcoat ~~~~~/29738.jsp

    Looking at the raw steel color, but I may have to act fast. I am worried that it is a purplish grey and wanted to get the esteemed thoughts of this community.

    Any thoughts in general?


    I haven't seen one in person, but it looks like an indigo grey to me. Of course, every monitor is calibrated differently and who knows what the lighting was like when they took the picture. *shrug*

    The only completely safe bet is to see it in person, but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that.



      This is the same jacket that Joe is wearing in the upper right corner of the Dappered home page. I have one myself though it's a bit short on me, but it was final sale so I'm stuck with it. It's a short style coat anyway, but I could have used a tall size. I would say there is a little bit of purplishness maybe but not too much. I think there is an article about this item if you search the archives.



        Looks like that color is only left in XL-Tall, as far as I can tell.



          I have both the grey and brown, and I think they are both fantastic and very handsome jackets, especially at the price I grabbed them at ($50 and $80) respectively. If they're even cheaper now don't hesitate. The grey is a true gray like in Joe's shot up top, not that purplish hue the J Crew site had. Hope that helps!



            I have one of these sitting in my closet NWT, size Small, that I'll let go for 90$ PPD. Haven't been able to get it to work with my wardrobe just right, so I'm passing it on.



              I have a dark navy one I purchase during sale for something like $70-80 and I love it.