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    Hey All,

    My best friend is getting married later this spring/summer and decided he didn't want to go the normal tuxedo route. Instead him and his beautiful bride decided on light grey suits for the groomsmen.

    Sizing wise, we're all over the place though so its been a bit difficult to find a place that can suit us all with the same outfit.

    We're trying not to go the custom route and minimize costs as two of the groomsmen are still in grad school.

    Anyone have a past experience or insight that may help us on our search? Thanks a plenty!


    When you say you're "all over the place", can you be more specific? Short and tall? Skinny and fat? All of the above?

    Maybe you can all find wool charcoal 2-button suits and not worry so much that they're all the same brand. That might also help with varying budgets. If you pick a dark color, hopefully getting them color-matched would be come easier.

    This groom is certainly not making it easy on anybody... :-S Even a cheap wool suit is going to be $250. That's a heck of a lot more than a tux rental.



      Try Macy's alfani red sharkskin grey slim fit suit.

      Also Hilfiger makes a sharkskin grey slim suit at Macy's.

      They will of Course both need tailoring , but it's an investment.

      Also since its not till spring, they can both be had for a great discounted price, due to Macy's always running suit sales. Sometimes they run a buy 1 get 1 free. Which should help all of u out!



        I believe the Hilfiger sharkskin suits are $350 on sale. Plus they're trim fit so if you have any heavy guys, you could quickly run into a problem. Plus (and I'm speaking from experience here), I had to size up 2 inches on the pants just to find something I could fit my thick legs into.

        I don't have as much beef with the shoulder pads as some people, but after tax and tailoring, you're looking at over $400 (and probably closer to $450). If they have BOGO, that would help a LOT (assuming it's at the $350 price point and they don't jack the price back up). I don't mean to sound like a downer, but ouch...



          Indochino kicked off a Wedding line.

          That may be way too risky, but I do love my Indochino. It's just that many folks have struggled to get the fit to work. With a wedding, it could get super complicated.



            Thanks everyone. The smallest of us is a 36R with the biggest being a 42R. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Macy's sale as a BOGO offer would definitely help in this situation. Do you guys know how often this comes around?

            It seems the color selection is fastidiously stuck at light grey though, to match the mint/light green of the bridesmaids and wedding theme.

            I'm still on the wall myself about indochino. I've heard two first hand experiences; one terrific and the other miserable..



              I would think if they are going to insist on a particular outfit then they would be the one paying for it?



                Macy*s Alfani Red Slim Fit Sharkskin grey suit will work great for 36r to 42r.

                @Alan, I myself wear a 44-46 in a lot of Macy*s House brand and designer SLIM FIT suits, I have no problems being what you say "heavy guys"...

                back @Monogram, Macy*s will probably be running one in the near future. Usually at least once a month Macy*s is running a sale which always includes suits. But on top of that, I'd say its safe to assume, that within one of the upcoming sales, there will be a bogo sale going on. Just keep an eye out, if your on their newsletter or mailing list, you will also get Hefty coupons that will stack with it, which help tremendously. Also watch out for them on, joe usually will give us a heads up on their 1 or 2 day sales that they run!




                  I apologize if you take offense to my using the term "heavy guys". Of course that's not my intent. (And if I'm reading you wrong, just opint me straight.) If you can conclude that you fit well into a 44-46 in whatever trim fit suit you're wearing, then perhaps I'm wrong. I'm just speaking from my own personal experience (as a 40R that is 5'10" and weighs 185 lbs) of struggling with a Hilfiger trim fit suit (which I actually ended up buying as a 42R) and having to also size up in the pants, which I've never had to do for any other article of clothing in my life.

                  I've never tried on an Alfani or any other Macy's brand. Nor did I comment on them from a point of view that made it seem like like I did.


                  Regardless, if the biggest guy in the wedding party is a 42R and the "spread" is only 6 inches, I'm sure every can find a cut that they can agree on.



                    36R-42R is pretty achievable in a department store.

                    36L? Not so much. =)