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Endless 20% off one time use code.

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    Endless 20% off one time use code.

    I just got an email from Endless offering a one time use code for 20% off your entire purchase.

    That brings those Strands you've been waiting for down to $259. You can't shake a stick at that price for AE. If you aren't on Endless' email list, sign up PDQ and maybe you'll get the email with the discount code.


    I keep scouring the internet to find a brogued cap toe that I like as much as the Strand. It's frustrating. The Strand gets so much play in here so I would prefer to find a different shoe... Try as I may, I just can't do it!



      You could save up and get the Strand in light brown shell cordovan... that would be much more unique



        Both the walnut cordo and the normal cordo Strand are incredible.



          I just really love the walnut color, and they don't offer that in cordovan. I'll figure something out...



            Is anyone who got this code willing to share it if they aren't planning on using it? I would like to pick up either the Strand or the 5th avenue with the code!



              Have you looked at the Loake Strand?



     =7&catid=20&oldcolid=1290&seconds=&colour_id=1417 #

              I have both AE and Loake Strands, and I prefer the brogueing on the Loakes personally. There's less of it, and it has a bit more finesse to it. The Loakes also have a slightly more chiseled toe, so it looks a little less old-man-ish than the AEs.

              The downsides to the Loakes are that you might have sizing issues. They're only available in one width, and they're the equivalent of a US E or EEE.

              If you're actually interested in these, let me know, I can provide a lot more detail on these and Loakes in general.





                And it's on sale for ya.



                  @Albert: Gee, how could I pass up a deal like that? :-)



                    I wouldn't pass on the Strands just to try to be different from a bunch of people who you will probably never even meet in real life ;-)



                      I've seen the cordovan strands for as low as $425




                        A very fair point. :-)



                          Alan, you might end up regretting getting Walnut Strands, but only because you'll probably end up buying more outfits that match those shoes just so you have an excuse to wear them more often.

                          I have a Zappos 20% off that I'm thinking about using on the Merlot McAllisters myself.




                            Don't forget cashback. Endless 10% more info -


                            I've done it few times no issues with stacking



                              Awesome! There you go gentlemen.