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Calibrate Slim Fit vs 1MX Slim Fit dress shirts

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    Calibrate Slim Fit vs 1MX Slim Fit dress shirts

    Hey all,

    Wanted to know your opinion on how Calibrate shirts compare to 1MX ones. I've read the post on 1MX and redux on dappered. I've read a post that briefly mentioned the Calibrate Slim Fit but did not discuss the quality, longevity, what happens after washing, etc. like the 1MX post did. Input is welcome. In-depth Comparisons are especially appreciated.


    I would be curious to see the responses here, but I will just say that the Nordstrom SmartCare Trim Fit that I have is THE snuggest slim fit shirt I've bought, slimmer than the 1MX Extra Slim Fit. On another thread, I recorded all the measurements and could reshape them, but I was struck by that. If anyone has a 15-15.5/34-35 in the Calibrate, I'd be curious to compare notes.

    I've since discovered, thanks to Jason, that I should be in 14.5 shirts, but that's my problem. My realization is that the lack of neck/sleeve sizing means that 1MX shirts are basically useless since I'm a 14.5/34. Which is a hybrid of their S and M sizes. From what I could tell, they don't make a Calibrate in that size either. Hopefully the S/M/L sizing works for you.

    All my shirts get dry cleaned, so I can't speak to the washability of the 1MX, but they look great dry cleaned! I think you can reasonably expect 40 wash/wearings out of a 1MX before the edges fade and fray.



      If this helps...I measured the circumference, FYI:


      I found a Nordstrom Smart Care (machine wash instead of dry clean) shirt in a Trim Fit that is even slimmer than the Express Extra Slim Fit.

      The Nordstrom Trim Fit is 38" in the waist (I measured). Size is 15, 34/35.

      The Express Extra Slim fit is 42" in the waist (I measured). Size is M.

      The Express Fitted is 44" in the waist (again, I measured). For most. I have a yellow Fitted that is 42", and I know I didn't get that tailored. Size is M.

      I have an H&M L.O.G.G., size M, that is 45" in the waist. Doesn't claim to be fitted.

      The Van Heusen Fitted is 45" in the waist. Size is 15, 34/35.

      The Gap Fitted is 44" in the waist. Size is M. From about 5 years ago, if that makes any difference.



        Many thanks, nick(I hope you don't mind being called Nick). I've read from a post or two here that the slim fit is smaller in the waist than the Smart Care shirt. I am returning my 1MX shirts only because I found out that Nordstrom is selling white Calibrate Slim Fit's for $29 each.

        I'm also curious if anyone has worn the shirts from Costco the Merona from Target(and liked them). How do they compare to shirts <$100? The Palooza III post only talks about fit, and not longevity and wrinkle-time(how long it takes to wrinkle and severity of said wrinkling).



          nicholas, sorry if I'm hijacking the thread, but are you specifically asking your dry cleaner to dry clean your shirts? Just asking, because if you're not, it is almost guaranteed that they are simply laundering and pressing them.

          Nothing wrong with that, since dry cleaning would be overkill for dress shirts. Just wanted to clarify.



            That is exactly what my professor suggested I do: buy inexpensive shirts and have them laundered for several months using the money I saved by avoiding the $60+ shirts.



              I'm sure that's what they're doing. So my comparison is probably more valid than I was saying. Not to get even more off topic, but I soil the collar pretty fast with my sweating habits, so I get about a wearing and a half tops out of a shirt.

              Ahem, so anyone try the Calibrate? =)



                @forbritisheyesonly: I bought a couple of the Merona dress shirts after reading about them on this site and don't care for them much, the material feels really cheap and I don't really like the way they are cut. I also really dislike the white buttons on the red shirt I got on own fault I guess. Don't think I have worn either of them once yet...I put them on sometimes then end up taking them back off. Just my 2 cents, others seem to be satisfied with them for the price.



                  Forgot to add this initially, someone here said that the Calibrate SF is what the 1MX aspires to be at a better price point - better feel and quality



                    I think the fabric quality on the Calibrate slim fit shirts is very good. They are not non-iron like most of the Nordstrom Smart Care slim fit I find, so it's not apples to apples. I also bought some 1901 shirts during the most recent sale and the Calibrate fabric is definitely a step up, as are the buttons. It is a trimmer fit too.

                    I believe the Calibrate fits slightly slimmer than the regular Nordstrom Slim Fit. In fact, Nordstrom has a very handy chart displaying the chest and waist measurements on the different makes and labels that they sell:




                      Great chart!

                      You can see my SmartCare Trim Fit is 38" for a 15 neck (my measurement) and would be 42" for a 16 neck (their chart).

                      I would love to see a website consolidate all the sizing info for all the OTR shirts out there. You could punch in your measurements and find the brand that would fit you best.



                        This is good news, regarding the fabric and buttons. I found the chart last night and was confused for the longest time, only to later realize that the measurements came from a size 16, while Nick's came from a 15(you have long arms, by the way). I freaked out at first, because at 38", I was scared it was going to be too tight. Is there much difference between a 16 & 16.5 in terms of waist circumference? To be completely comfortable, I think my pants size is 35(I'm not sure because my mom has always fixed it if too large/small). The 1MX Extra Slim was great for my build, though it did balloon slightly in the back - nice amount of stretch, though.

                        I'm 6'1", 175 and at approx 12% BF. 34/35 is perfect for me in sleeve length.

                        Quick aside: my mother bought me a sub$300 slim fit suit with non-elastic slacks(do they ever come elastic when it's a proper suit?). I feel that the arm holes at the shoulders are a bit large; specifically, the lower half of the arm holes sit too low. I have an athletic build so shoulder with is perfect at 42L. What can I do about this? When I helicopter my arms so they're parallel from the ground, the suit seems to rise a bunch.



                          Calibrate Slim Fit is hands down better in every way compared to the 1MX shirts. I like the fit on both, but the fabric and ease of care of the Calibrate make it a better shirt. The 1MX wrinkles like no other shirt I own, and it's a huge pain to iron. As soon as I put it on, there are like, 7000 wrinkles.

                          The Calibrate on the other hand, stays nice and crisp throughout the day. I would recommend buying right now that they are still on sale. I would get more but my size is sold out online.



                            I am always looking for the perfect <$75 dress shirt and recently bought the Calibrate Slim Fit during the Nordstrom sale. My thoughts are:

                            + It is easily a better shirt than the 1MX, fabric feels nicer

                            + One of the slimmest fitting dress shirts I have owned

                            - A little too short for my height (6-2) to be easily tucked in

                            - Too slim for work (commercial real estate is somewhat conservative)

                            So instead I bought the Calibrate Trim Fit and I couldn't be happier. It is much longer and meant to be tucked in, and it is still a slim shirt that fits very well. I also own the Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit, and I like it, but I like the Calibrate Trim fit more.



                              @dantheman: I appreciate the input. How about "washability"? Also, how low do you wear your pants?

                              @splitplug: I see what you mean about the wrinkles on 1MX. I had unraveled the shirt but left it in the bag to return; when I picked it up yesterday just to try out how it fit again, there were wrinkles EVERYWHERE. I go to my neighbor's house to iron my clothing and it's a huge relief to hear that the Calibrate shirts aren't a pain in the behind to press. Do you recommend a certain heat setting? Say, go one level cooler than the iron's cotton setting?(I know this is very individual as we don't have the same irons)

                              Should I have mentioned in the OP that I am wearing this shirt for business?(I like to look nice wherever I go and I just don't enjoy ballooning shirts, regardless of occasion).