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Do you have to size up on Levi's?

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    Do you have to size up on Levi's?

    I had not purchased Levi's in a long time and recently ordered a few pairs in my regular size (32x32), but they were too tight. I've been buying all my jeans from Gap and BR, so I had no recent experience with Levi's. All my other pants (including jeans, cords, dress slacks and chinos) are 32 waist. Do Levi's run small on the waist?


    Not really in my experience. What Levi fit are you buying? I'm true to size in 514. Then again, I would say that Gap runs a little large. Perhaps this is a matter of semantics.

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      They will stretch some. If you haven't bought jeans in a while, you might have stretched your old ones out.



        I always size down 1-2 sizes for any denim, as the waist tends to stretch an inch or so after a few wears. This coupled with massive vanity sizes that Levi's uses (size 30 usually measures out to a 31.5 or 32" waist) is grounds for my ridiculous waist sizes.



          I bought 514 and 501.



            I'd watch out for the skinnier cut jeans though, like the 511. I sized up 1 size to 31 when I bought mine and it still felt a little tight on me.



              I'd say my average size across the board is 31x30, but in my Levi's 514s I'm a 32x30. I think 501 might be more true to size but the only ones I have are the shrink-to-fits, which I think might be a little wonky anyway. Sometimes GAP brand stuff is sized large - I can sometimes fit in 30x30 in GAP/BR/ON.




                I wear 32x34 everything, including the Levi 501. Only time that's run too large in the waist was with the ON slim fit cords, which I fixed with a hot water wash. So, I feel they're true to size.



                  34x30 for everything -514, LEC, jcrew, BR, old navy. But 33w for bonobos.



                    The issue isn't that you necessarily need size up on Levi's, it's more that you have to size down less.

                    My true waist is a tape measured 33", but at BR, Gap, ON, LEC, and JC, I have to buy a 31. To get the same fit I get 32s at Levis.

                    The only mainstream brand I've ever experienced that were genuinely true to size is Brooks Brothers where I wear a 33. Vanity sizing is a pretty well known phenomenon in clothing.



                      514 are higher rise so if you have a belly that would be one reason



                        I've got a couple pairs of 501s and one 517, and to me, they run smaller than other brands I have had (LEC, Gap, Lucky), but I can't say if Levi's run small, or the others run big.



                          I typically wear a 32x30 (I'm 5'9" - 170 lbs. - Athletic Build)

                          Gap I have to size down

                          Levi's I'm true to size

                          J.Crew is either 32x30 or 33x30, and occasionally a 32" inseam depending on how off they are

                          Dockers I'm a 34x30 for some reason



                            Salo, I think you must be confusing the 514 with a different cut. If the 514 is high rise, I'd hate to see what you think are low.



                              frost, what you typically wear is not true to size. Most brands are vanity sized, and obviously, as evidenced by this thread, the amount of vanity sizing is variable.


                              Also, I recently asked J.Crew for actual waist measurements on their Ludlow and Aldridge pants. Here's what they gave me:


                              30 - actual 32.5"

                              31 - actual 33.5"

                              32 - actual 34.5"


                              30 - actual 32.25"

                              31 - actual 33.25"

                              32 - actual 34.25"