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    Good Morning Men,

    I have a wedding next week (I am not in it) and I am debating on what to wear. I have one black suit and one blue pinstripe. I was thinking of going with a white shirt and a purple (this one ) tie, with black wingtips (dont have brown) I just bought and a silk white pocket square. Here is my issue, I was going through some pics of weddings I officiated a couple of years ago and at both weddings I was wearing some sort of purple or purple patterned tie... Any ideas on how I can mix it up, I am flexible on both tie and shirt color. Time is of the essence, so any help would be appreciated.




    Is it a day-time wedding? Night time? What's the formality?

    If you're not officiating, obviously avoid the bride's colors (though the rule is more strict for women than for men). However, you can wear either the black or navy suit (though if you're set on the black wingtips, I'd stick with the black suit). The sky is the limit on everytyhing else so long as it's not too loud.

    Is there anything in your closet you've been dying to find an excuse to wear? Perhaps we can help you find a way to work it into your ensemble.

    Also, do you own cuff links?



      Also, if you're considering buying new stuff for this event, what's your budget? And since ordering stuff online with a short time frame is difficult, what stores do you have nearby? Dillards, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Banana Republic, J Crew, Last Call, Macy's, etc.



        @ Alan, good points. It is a transitional wedding, starts at 3pm and ends at 11pm. There really isnt anything in my closet shirt or ties since I usually have a preppy casual look going on (lots of OCBD, patterned BR shirts, J Crew, etc..), and this occassion call for a more dressed up me.

        I have a Nordstrom Rack, Gap, BR, J Crew, Last Call, Macys, and an Outlet Center within 10 minutes of me. I went to last call and they had nothing in my size 17.5 35/36 in shirts and horrible ties.

        Budget wise I like to keep it under $100 for shirt and tie.

        Thanks for any help.



          I really need to learn how to consolidate my thoughts... Anyways, here's a winning combination I've received compliments on recently:

          This tie in red:

          I got it for Christmas from my wife (from ym Christmas wish list). I call it my "mean" red tie because it has black undertones, and it's a very rich red in person.

          I've paired it with this shirt:

          The shirt has a bit of pink in it, but it's very subtle. The online pic is pretty true to life. You'll never get accused of wearing a girly shirt if you're one of those people who's opposed to pink.

          The shirt is harder to find than the tie, but it's a combo that has received a lot of praise. In fact, if you have a Last Call near you, you may want to check out their trim fit french cuff shirts in person. They have a wide selection right now with a number of conservative options. If all else fails, a simple white shirt will work just fine, too.

          I wear this combo with a grey pinstripe suit, but it will absolutely work with black or even navy.

          EDIT: Ok, scratch the Last Call shirt. You wrote your post while I was in the middle of this one so now it's irrelevant. :-)



            You might also want to consider checking Marshalls for ties. I've found a number of them recently. They're all on a single rack, and some names are better than others, but I've found several winners (iuncluding the one I'm wearing today). The best part is that they're mostly in the $10-15 range and 90% of them are silk.



              BTW, how tall are you? Some stores (like Macy's) don't even carry long ties if you're too tall.



                LOL!!! I like the tie and if I get it I will NEVER hear the end of it from my wife because she suggested something almost identical this weekend and I said "Nah, I want something I can use again since I dont buy ties that often". Perhaps I need to broaden my horizons.

                I am 6'3" almost 6'4". But I can usually make regular ties work, I just get creative on the tying of the tie. I will swing by Macys at lunch and see what they have.

                Thanks Alan, I appreciate the tips.



                  I'm between 6'2 and 6'3 and find it annoying when the skinny end of the tie doesn't reach to tuck into the flap on the back of the wide part.

                  I'm interested to hear more about this creative tie tying technique. Maybe that should be a new thread.




                    Well here's the tie I'm wearing today that I found at Marshalls a couple days ago:


                    The parts that look purple are actually navy and the parts that look white are closer to (but not quite) silver. It has a LOT of sheen so it picks up other colors easily. I think I paid $12 for it.



                      Salo: for the skinny end not reaching the flap (keeper), purchase some really small safety pins, it works for me



                        Agree, wear the black shoes with your black suit.

                        For shirt & tie combos, the sky's the limit!

                        For a black suit at a wedding, you could wear a white, a light grey, or a light blue shirt. For the tie, virtually any color will do. You can have fun with it, but I'd stick to good winter colors, avoiding yellow (I think of summer) or orange (I think of fall).

                        These pages help explain complementary colors: and




                          That red paisley tie, pink patterned shirt, and grey pinstripes? I know you didn't say you would wear it to a wedding, but it seems like a little much, I think it would be sort of rude wearing something like that to a wedding that is trying to draw so much attention to yourself.



                            Alan, that is a fantastic Burberry plaid tie. I have a scarf with that pattern that just screams GQ.



                              Hardrain, the pattern shirt and red paisley tie with the OP's solid black suit should be fine. I agree that the grey pinstripe would be pushing it for a wedding, though.

                              NC, thanks! It may look a little Burberry-ish from the pic, but it's actually quite different in person. I really like it, though.