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Buying First Suit - Third time's the charm?

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    You can always call their customer support and ask for measurements of the one you have and the long for comparison. If the long's sleeves are 2 inches longer they'll be too long for you, but if you're going to get the sleeves altered anyway maybe that's what you want to do.



      Thanks for covering that, JC. I had written the same basic thing from my phone, but it didn't post for whatever reason and I really didn't feel like writing it again. :-)



        I don't think it's a good idea to try to judge jacket length relative to where the fingertips fall, that's pretty much discredited due to individuals having different length arms relative to their torso. The basic idea is it needs to cover your rear end. OP should be able to easily judge if that is the case or not.



          Thanks for all the feedback guys. Seems like it's pretty much back and forth on the sleeve length. Would it help to see how the sleeves fall without a shirt? Here is the length of the sleeves with the jacket by itself:

          Someone also asked to make sure the jacket was long enough for my torso. Does this look good enough?

          Thanks again for the feedback!



            FWIW, the jacket will drape better in the front if you break those "X" threads in the back along the vents. That might give a better feel for the sizing (for you and us). Also, can you take a picture with the shirt tucked in? The untucked shirt makes it hard to find the wasitline, which in turn makes it hard to judge the length. (At least for me. I don't want to speak for anyone else.)

            Sorry for all the back and forth...



              Yeah, the sleeves are about 1/2" too short. You can get away with it if your shirt sleeves are only about 1/2" longer than your jacket sleeves, but correct length shirt sleeves will show about 1" and look awkward.

              The coat length looks pretty good. I'd just take it to the tailor for the sleeves.



                Acoustic, what kind of fit are you looking for? More JCrew Ludlow fit trendy, or more conservative and traditional?