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Buying First Suit - Third time's the charm?

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    Buying First Suit - Third time's the charm?

    So I'm still shopping for that first suit lol. After helpful feedback from everyone here about the 40R Jcrew Thompson Suit being too large, I sized down to a 38R instead which came in the mail today. The suit feels much slimmer and tailored than the 40R...but there might be one potential issue with it still:

    You probably notice that the sleeves might be too short. I don't know if it is the shirt being too long or the jacket's sleeve being too short so I changed to a different shirt and got this instead:

    So is the fit better on the 38R? Shoulders, chest, waist and etc? Are the sleeves ok if I change shirts? And if needed, can a tailor extend sleeves (I know they shorten them all the time)? Is my Quest for my first suit finally over???


    I think it looks good except the sleeves need about 1/2 inch more. There's probably enough material in there for that. Costs about $15 at my tailor.

    How's the pants?



      I'm no expert but it looks good to me.



        agree with Jason, the rest of the fit looks pretty good though



          Thanks for the feedback guys! I think the Suit fits pretty well off the rack as well. Are the sleeves very noticable to the point where tailoring is a must? I noticed Salo didn't think there was anything wrong with the sleeve length. I don't know if this is enough for a tailor to extend the sleeves anyways:

          @Jason - The pants will definitely need some trimming down! I didn't include them in this pic causeI was too lazy lol. They are very light.



            Without seeing you move, the shoulders look like they MIGHT be tight. Of course, there's no way to know just from a picture. It could just be the way you're standing. We'll have to take your word on it, but are you able to reasonably raise your arms to the front and to the sides with the jacket buttoned? It's probably fits fine, but it's something that's much easier for you to feel than it would be for us to see.

            I agree on the arm length being just the slightest bit short. However, it's easier to shorten the sleeves than to lengthen. Is it too late to get a 38L? For as much as suits cost (and especially since it's your only one), it's absolutely imperative that it fits correctly, and it's better if tailors don't have to jump through any hoops to do it. The easier it is for them to fix, the more likely that they'll get it right. You don't want the tailor making compromises on a brand new suit.

            Also, if it's vented in the back, are the vents still stitched? If so, go ahead and open them up to make sure it drapes the way you like. It pulls apart quite a bit below the second button, but sometimes I've noticed jackets just do that (at least on me). It's particularly noticeable on me with ventless and single vent jackets, though. That's why I'm wondering if it's been opened up in the back yet.



              I think Alan is right. Without having seen you in the 40R, I'd say you'd need a 39L in that cut, although I'm guessing JC doesn't make a 39L. Not only are the sleeves too short, but the jacket itself is too short as well. And the shoulders look tight.



                L cut? But I'm only 5'"10.5'! Wouldn't an L cut be way too long on the body? Yes a 39R would probably be most ideal with they only have even number cuts.



                  I think the sleeves look fine...but then, I like my sleeves shorter than the norm. They'll be fine if you own it.



                    I can't tell if you just have really long arms, but that first pic makes it look like the jacket could easily be a few inches longer. I know some people like the looks of a short jacket, but on your only suit I would recommend going with something that isn't TOO cut and "trendy."

                    I know it is painful to have to send j. crew stuff back with the shipping charges, I just returned my factory suit, but I think if you want the trimmer cut of the 38 you probably want a L. As posted above, it is too bad they don't have a 39. I wear a 41 jacket and 31 inseam in pants so I know the frustration of having to settle for an inch more or less



                      The cuffs are certainly on the short side, I think some people do wear them that way though, it's a matter of preference to some exent. It does seem better in the pic with the white shirt than the ones with the blue shirt. I'm still learning about this stuff though so you should probably listen to others more than me



                        Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I think a L will be too long. The jacket is a bit short, but it appears to mostly cover his rear. He certainly can't do the finger curl but he may just have long arms.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          Is it possible to get a pic from the back, use a flash if you have t because we need to see any creases that might result from pulling. Im starting to think the arms look fine after all. It would be safer if they were a bit longer, but they probably still work. I think you have your tie hung low in a pick so its making your jacket appear shorter than it really is.



                            I agree with the few people saying I think the sleeve length is fine, so long as you'd be comfortable showing cuff. I prefer showing some cuff, so I'm good with it.

                            The jacket is a shorter cut, so a long may be worth trying if you can go try it on in store or something. Don't think that's a necessity, from what we can see in the pictures though.



                              Is this the factory version of the Ludlow? Also, acoustic, are you planning on using this as an interview/business suit? And what is your sleeve length, btw? You seem to have longer arms, which might also be what is contributing to me thinking your jacket is too short.

                              If it's the same cut as the Ludlow (which would explain why the jacket is cut so high) and you're not planning on using it for conservative purposes, I'll change my opinion and I'd say it's fine. Just make sure your shirt sleeves are also short-ish like in the second pic and make sure your pants fit well and are tapered enough. Also make sure you go with no or very small break on your pants.

                              If you're planning on using it for interviews or business meetings, I'd say while I don't think anyone would say anything, people would notice that you're a little more fashion forward than the usual. Whether that's a good or bad (or neutral) thing would be all in the context of the industry you work in.