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FINALLY! Backordered LEC blazer in the mail

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    Any word on the length, Alan? How much bum does it cover?



      Oh this is the blazer I have in both navy and khaki. The length is long enough for me at 6'2 so I guess it's on the longish side. Sleeves have working buttonholes but fit me well.

      Yeah the lining in the sleeves is the worst part. The sleeves are pretty narrow as it is and the lining just makes it annoying. I've seriously considered trying to remove the lining but I don't want to ruin anything. I like em though still.



        Got the blazer for $35 and keeping it. Definitely unstructured and casual, really really soft cotton twill - seems like its been laundered 20-30 times.

        Fit is good, front feels a bit long - it stops right at the bottom of my pants zipper. Functional cuffs are nice (unsure if I'll ever roll them up?) and shows right amount of shirt cuff. I got a medium, and am 5ft 10in, 34 W, 42R jacket, 16.5-33 shirt for reference.

        Fits well over the $9 heritage oxford I got - wasn't hard to put jacket on over cotton shirt. Didn't have the sleeve lining problem other had - it is snug in that sleeve, but I din't find I had to tug the shirt cuff harder than with other jackets to get it down. Don't think it's the best layering jacket over sweaters - but doubt you're layering with cotton twill.

        @ salo, it covered my butt just fine. 1 cm below it.

        Biggest downer is the inside pockets; just not practical. Inside left upper= business card size, left lower=iphone/wallet sized, inside right mid=sized for a motorola razr or 3-bars of a kit-kat. All open, without any closures. How about one normal secure one for a wallet?

        To me, worth the $35. Kind of a grown-up's jeans jacket, good for kicking around/errands/with the kids/guys.



          Got mine yesterday, size 46 - fits well off the rack.

          True, lining in the all ready narrow sleeves is tight and caused severe bunching when you first put it on, but after adjustments, no problems.

          It is casual, but can be dressed up pretty easily. Paired mine with a black/blue checked BD, dark jeans, and my favorite cognac lace ups. Cool but not cold today, so I grabbed a grey striped scarf and my black leather gloves, and off I went.

          Unfortunately, to my despair after wearing it to work this morning, mine has a stain right under the back of the collar, pretty noticeable.

          So in true LEC customer service, they are overnighting a replacement blazer to me.

          Excellent purchase.

          I may have the lining replaced before summer time though.



            I also ordered this blazer and it just arrived. The fit is great (almost better than my size Medium unstructured Ludlow blazer from j.crew.) I'm usually 40R, so that's what I ordered. The sleeve length was perfect on me, and I'm typically a 35 in shirts.

            I also did not have any problems with the sleeve lining like others had.



              @splitplug, that's good news, since I'm also 40R/35 and that's the size I ordered. Mine gets delivered today.