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FINALLY! Backordered LEC blazer in the mail

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    FINALLY! Backordered LEC blazer in the mail

    After having ordered this LEC chino blazer 3 weeks ago, it's finally in the mail: H=canvas-search-_-chino+blazer&origin=search

    It's not the crazy-expensive "vintage" one (that came way down) that got a lot of play around here. I got that one for Christmas, but had to return it because it fit funny. Plus, the material was extremely heavy to the point where it didn't move well. Hopefully this one fits better, and I like the material more.


    FWIW, they have size 40 and 42 back in stock, and the price is down to $35 for anyone who's interested.



      Thanks Alan! I had looked at that blazer a few weeks ago but they didn't have my size(40). Just ordered. I have to stop reading this site because my wife thinks I'm shopping way too much. :-)



        LOL Juan. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about...



          @Alan, let us know the fitting when it arrives.

          I just ordered a size 46, but it is back ordered until 1/18, so not too bad.

          I just got the herringbone sportcoat last week, and it fits snug but will work just fine.


          Yesterday I returned the Oakwood Buckle Strap boots at my local Sears/LE counter, they just hurt my feet too much.

          This blazer will help ease the pain!



            My name is weng and I have a LEC problem.

            Just got this jacket, blue twilight heritage oxford, straight fit chinos, and red multi plaid slub shirt.

            Hope the fit is good!

            FWIW, the slub shirt in horizon blue large check is a total winner in my book.




              Alan, I want to see photos on you when this comes in. In the model shot it looks very short. I'd like to see how that compares on you.



                Okie doke. For what it's worth, though, I'm 5'10" and I wear a 40R (+/- depending on the cut). Most 40R jackets run a little long in the arms so maybe this one will actually fit right.

                Also, it's worth point out that this is a very casual blazer - it may be intended to fit more like a light jacket and less like a blazer. I guess we'll see once it gets here.



                  is this 2 button or 3 button the add says 3 button but picture shows 2 button



                    3 roll 2




                      The blazer is listed as "out for delivery" by the shipper, but I've got class tonight so I won't be home until about 10PM CST. If I can't gets pics and first impressions up tonight, I'll do it tomorrow.



                        Somebody's excited! haha



                          Well let's see you wait 3-4 weeks for anything after you've bought it and see how you act. :-) Plus my wife wants to balance the books on our recent shopping spree and we can't do that until everything is returned or exchanged if necessary.



                            Don't worry - I'm excited for you. =)



                              So the blazer came in. The website's reviews are accurate. The cotton sleeve liners make it hard to get your arms in. It would have been better without a liner at all. The arms are the right length, but it's a little tight in the shoulders. The bunching that occurs in the arms doesn't help, either. Perhaps sizing up would have helped, but I'm unfortunately going to have to send it back in its current form. :-S