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    WIWT Shoes...

    I didn't think these would be appropriate in the other WIWT thread as that focuses on complete outfits. Thumbing through some pics, it seems I often take shots of my feet. So here are some recent shots of my shoes. Anyone else want to share theirs?

    Was unseasonably warm around Los Angeles recently. Sperry canvas boat shoes

    kr3w mckinley suede w/ GAP straight fit

    same shoes w/ Levi 501

    Clarks desert boots in tuape suede w/ Levi 501

    same Clarks with GAP straight cords

    same cords with BR boots

    AE Strands w/ J Crew slacks (that still needed to be hemmed)

    Alden indy 403 w/ J Crew Chino

    Alden Indy 403 w/ GAP straight jeans


    Got no picture to add, but that's some awesome pics there. Have been looking for those BR boots, but can't seem to find them in the bay area.

    Btw, those KR3W, did you size them as "athletic/skater" shoes or dress shoes?




      I have to say, I didn't notice the shoes on the first look-through because the pics are so dang cool. Nice shots and effects.

      And on second glance, nice shoes, too.






          @OnlyShawn They reminded me of that, but as far as I remember, Instagram doesn't produce such high res and quality, no? It has been a while so I could be wrong.



            My wife is in the iPhone photo app business, so I have a little practice with this. Could be using the tilt/shift effect in Instagram (looks like a droplet in the upper corner of the app) or the miniature effect in Camera+. =) Camera+ is great for the frames like what he's using. All in all, it's what I like to do too. Using great backgrounds in the original shot makes it that much better.

            mdwsta4 - I should put your shoes on a To-Buy list for myself! They all look great and are paired well with those pants.



              I would guess snapseed. I guess I'm the only one who's tired of the overuse of effects filters. HDR is the worst thing that's ever happened to digital photography.



                thanks all

                mixto: the kr3w shoes fit true to size

                In regards to the pics... most were taken with an iPhone 4 and various apps (Camera+, snapseed, only one instagram, etc). I typically layer apps on tops of apps to get the effects. A few others were taken with either a Fuji x100 or Canon 5D2.

                Jason: I agree that HDR done improperly (which is most of them) is horrible. I've actually never used HDR in any of my work (nor do any of these have HDR effect applied), but when done right with true bracketed shots, it can actually look very good. I enjoy playing with filters on my phone, but my personal/professional work is extremely toned down with minimal PS work. Here are some of my casual shots:[email protected]/



                  Red Milk Jack Purcells



                    @mdwsta4 Great photos in that flickr link!



                      Yeah, your Flickr stream is awesome. Didn't mean to criticize, I've just grown weary of seeing every person in my Facebook stream use Instagram to make their pictures of their kids look like 1970's Kodachrome.

                      You also clearly have great taste in shoes.



                        Jason, I didn't take it in the wrong way to begin with. If you post/say something, you gotta be able to take criticism! But yeah, I totally agree with you regarding some people and their photos.

                        Thank you



                          I'm wearing the thrifted Florsheim Imperials today. These are by far my favorite shoes.