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    Originally posted by Duvel View Post
    Show me the way to the next whisky bar. Oh, don't ask why. Oh, don't ask why.
    [MENTION=6633]Duvel[/MENTION]: Why? I didn't realize how somber the lyrics were without accompanying music. Yikes.

    OP, it's technically spring (though Boston missed that memo) so I like the idea of a blue gingham as long as the colors aren't obnoxiously loud. Light blue would definitely work but I think you can get away with a number of lighter color solid shirts with the rest of your outfit.


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      As others said, can't go wrong with light blue. Brown and blue pair as well as Farley and Spade.

      Don't wear white socks.

      Don't leave your socks on should the date advance to its crucial penultimate stage.

      Go get it.


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        If your date is really a outdoorsy types, especially athletic type, then probably you should choose meadow green one. Rest are just too... old-fashion. As for the sock, choose the grey one, it is the safest.
        I choose my style wisely, not just because I want to look handsome, but also because I want to show myself to the world.


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          Originally posted by elduderino260 View Post
          Hey all. I'm stuck on color and pattern combinations...

          I am definitely going with my brown blazer and dark wash jeans, but am coming up with question marks when it comes to the shirt and socks. Here's a link ( a sample of what I am considering (not quite the same items, but the closest I could find upon a cursory Google search). The two shirts on the left are much busier (duh), but both my date and I are outdoorsy types so I figure checks and plaids might be good.
          I would say my brown blazer/ selvedge jean combo gets the best response of any blazer combo I wear, especially f I wear it with one my buffalo check shirts.

          If your eyes are blue or green go with the black watch shirt (mine also is well received). If not the blue or white shirt will be great. Remember you are trying to look good so wear some colours that bring out your eyes or hair.

          My wife has an aversion to dress shirts (she went to business school and was not a fan of the suits it produced) so there is a little bit of thinking what the girl is into as well. If she doesn't like the dressed up look as much you may want to go with a patterned shirt.