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    Sorry, to correct my post- the shirt sale is through midnight 9/9, not December 9.

    Haven't seen Bonobos dress shirts in person, so I cannot answer your question, jose.




      I'm doing it just out of curiousity. Don't ask me about it since I'll be under an NDA, but if any of you are TaskRabbits in the Bay Area, feel free to check it out.



        Anyone know what kind of Bonobos selection the Nordstrom stores have? It would be nice to try some things on before buying.



          I ordered my first pair of their "slim-straight" chinos, and wow do they ever fit amazingly well. I really liked the regular straight fit, but these are literally perfect.



            the slim straight chinos are good. I just need them to get Navy and Gray back in my size. I've been trying to return and get the right size for about 2 months now.




              The Charleston Navy Seersucker Suit is on sale for $146 right now.

              Yes, that's the suit, not just the blazer.

              IS THIS A NEW DEVELOPMENT?!?!?!?!

              That price is absolutely absurd. And for sale in a 40R, too...



                @hon140 - If you're a 40, you'll probably have trouble finding the matching suit pants in your size. There is very limited sizing left.



                  It is somewhat absurd, but more typical when you consider the sizes they have remaining. I had the same reaction and subsequent disappointment.



                    Damn, posted this as a new thread until I saw this sticky. Posting here:

                    Do any of you guys have a take on Bonobos? I ordered a camel colored cashmere sweater from them a few months back, and nothing ever showed up at my door. I called them and they said there was some kind of mishap, and this shouldn't have happened. They canceled my order (thanks for not charging me for nothing!) and reordered the sweater, as they said it was listed as "in stock" at their home offices in Palo Alto. However, they told me, it may be out of stock at their warehouse and they didn't know until they tried ordering it again. They ordered it. I called them a few days later, and they said "Yep, it must be out of stock. Sorry!" The again canceled my 2nd order, and then told me they'd give me $30 store credit for my trouble. Guess what? They never did. I'm still getting spammed with their ads 2-3 times a day. Soooo, I'm wondering if anyone has had a better experience? Should I try again? I'm thinking about their new corduroy pant collection, but when I went to check one out, it had this one, single comment:

                    Ripped immediately upon arrival by Adam

                    This was my last order from Bonobos. The quality/price ratio no longer exists. The fastener completely ripped out the pants on first trying it on, and it wasn't even being pulled or walked around with. The fabric was just cheaply made and poorly finished. Kind of sad. I used to love my pants from Bonobos. I guess I'll just have to find another place to buy well made items....

                    From Bonobos: Hey Adam. Sorry you had such a bad experience with these. Ironically, this is not cheap fabric at all. It's very expensive Italian fabric, which makes it all the more disconcerting that you had a bad experience with the quality. We sent you an email with some offers to hopefully keep you as a satisfied customer. Give us a shout at ninjas at bonobos dot com if you have any more questions.

                    So who do I believe?



                      Nothing but good things to say about them here. I have a suit, 3 pairs of chinos, a pair of wool pants and a pair of shorts from them. All great quality, all great fit. Their customer service has been amazing, and I have had nothing but positive experiences with them.



                        Thanks Focuspants. Do their pants fit true to size?



                          Ya they do. I have some straight fit chinos which fit very well, but I have athletic legs. If you have thin legs they may be a bit too baggy. I have a pair of their slim straight chinos which fit perfectly. Their wool dress pants fit more like the slim straight chinos. The waist on all of them is true to size.



                            Awesome. Thanks man. I have athletic legs too, so you just answered my question before I could ask. I'll try 'em out. Thanks again.



                              Keith, I've also had consistently great experiences w/ their customer service. Compared to most other companies I've dealt with, it's not even close.

                              As for the pants fit, I have to disagree w/ @Focuspants. I've been a customer for about 3 years, and have found much variation in the fit. Some pants I'm a 31 (especially travel jeans and stretch chinos). Others, I'm a 32 (the new slim chinos, for instance). I've tried many different pairs of their pants, and have found little consistency in that regard, and even some variation within the same style with different colors. And quality has varied at times, but overall the fit, fabrics, and styling keep me coming back, even if there is frustration in having to mail items back numerous times. Any company that has grown as fast as they have, mixed up their overall model, and tried such a huge assortment of styles is bound to have some misses along the way.



                                I just gotta crow a bit here: In early August Joe pointed out that Bonobos was having a sale and that their grey seersucker suits were included. At the time, sizes were limited, so all I wound up with was the pants. Cost me $52 total and I've been damn happy with them. I just got an email from Bonobos about some markdowns on their sale items and it just so happens that the grey seersucker suit jacket is marked down and available in my size (38R). Picked it up for $106 total. So I got a sweet seersucker suit for $158 total. Obviously it's late in the year for seersucker, but I can wait. I'm way pumped about this.