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Official thread of ALL things Bonobos

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    Official thread of ALL things Bonobos

    Welcome to the Official thread of all things Bonobos!

    Please do not post referral links, coupon or Groupon announcements, or other deals in this thread. If you want to share your Bonobos referral link then you may do it in the following thread:

    Thank you.
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    @Ryan - We may not get the referral credit but at least first time buyers can get a $25 off their first purchase. Since they have done away with coupons, this seems to be the only way for first time buyers to get a nice discount on their purchase.

    BTW, I have grown to love their Pants and OCBD. I think it would be tough to buy those items from another company now that I have experienced the Bonobos selection. Their pants are definitely way nicer than Gap or BR.



      Anyone know where i can get measurements on the suit jackets? trying to decide between 36-38

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        @ tdig - I can't give you measurements off the top of my head but I can tell you a bit about the fit of my 36R Bonobos jacket. It's a much closer fit than any other 36 I own... including J.Crew Ludlow and Banana Republic tailored fit. It's ALMOST too fitted. The sleeves are especially narrow, and on the short side (which is good for me, since regular-length sleeves are typically a bit long on my arms).

        My general thought is that if you're between 36 and 38, you will probably be ok with a 38. But shipping is free both ways, so you could always get both and return one.




          You can call the ninjas, and they will give you the exact measurements. They do fit slimmer than most any suit jacket I have tried on elsewhere.



            I had to size up to 40 on the Bonobos blazer (normally a size 38). I agree with focuspants that they fit a little slimmer than normal.



              The ninjas hooked me up and gave me store credit to make things right. Now just which pants to get?



                So, I've officially become addicted to the Game Day Chinos. I have two pairs of the washed chinos, but they are in a boot cut; the fit on the Game Days is just perfect for me. Can anyone speak to how these fit compared to their other straight leg pants?



                  So, the funny thing with Bonobos' sale section... it seems to change.

                  Case in point, I just jumped on, and the Charleston Navy Seersucker which I had thought sold out long ago in my size... seems to have been restocked? It even appears all jacket sizes are available. With the additional 30% off, this guy dropped to $214.20.

                  Hornsup and Jordan - I was searching earlier for your reviews, but couldn't find them. I ended up ordering my typical sizes, and hope that the jacket fits similar to my banana tailored fit suit. Anyway, now to truly, TRULY stop spending so much money...

                  Also, what do you guys pair this suit with as far as shoes? I imagine white/grey bucks would look great, but I wonder if my newer pair of Elgins in tan would work?



                    I too have the navy seersucker. It fit a bit smaller than im used to. I am between a 38 and 39R and ordered the 38 because the 40 would have been slightly too big. There is about 1/2 inch of extra material which my tailor let out and it fit perfectly after that. It is the tightest fitting 38 I have ever tried on. It now looks really awesome though after the alterations.

                    I pair it with walnut shoes and belt. Killer looking combo. I have gotten a ton of complements, and the suit is very very well constructed. I love it.



                      @Focus - That's great to hear. I'm usually between a 38 and a 40, so hopefully this will work out. Did the pants fit in the waist like others from Bonobos? I'll have to get the pants hemmed up a bit as they were out of stock in my inseam.



                        they fit slightly tighter than their straight fit (non straight slim) chinos which for me was a good thing. I found these to fit more TTS than the chinos which I felt were a tad roomier. The legs were also slimmer.



                          @JEH -- the 44R fit me well with a fashionable short, but not too short fit (usually I'm a 44L). I wear the pants solo all the time during this NYC summer heatwave, have yet to wear the full suit.

                          I have some light colored tan Frye boat shoes that go great with them, along with a white braided belt, when I'm wearing them casually. For dressier, bucks, walnut shoes, etc. all fit the bill. You could definitely do a tan or brown dress shoe too.

                          I agree with Focus' comments on fit, but also thought it was a good thing for a suit to be a little more tailored than what I generally go for with casual chinos.



                            @JEH - Thanks for the heads-up on the sale restock. Have the navy headed my way. Will need some tailoring as well, but with two late summer weddings coming up and no summer suit, this seems to fit the bill nicely.



                              Guess I'll post here instead of the Recent Purchases. I splurged on a big order from Bonobos' summer sale, but with 30% off the sale price, got 3 pair of slacks and a pair of shorts for $300, which I can deal with. I got the navy seersucker shorts (bc I have a clothes-crush on the navy seersucker suit I got earlier in the year), but won't talk about those, since they've been covered in detail before.




                              All three fit similarly to the more recent Bonobos washed chinos and the Charleston seersucker pants I purchased. That is to say, great. Not super slim, but not wide at all. These hit lower re: rise than most traditional suit pants, but I'm excited to get these hemmed (all 3 came with 36 length (for 36 waist, I assume it's their "unhemmed" length and doesn't correlate to waist)). The herringbone slacks are 100% wool, but seem pretty lightweight. The cotton/linen on the other two (navy/tan) is pretty great, should work nicely for the rest of this summer, as well as next. I wish they still had the suitcoats to go with these two slacks, in case of use for summer weddings, but I generally ditch the jacket at work for summer anyway. Overall, I'm very excited about how the order turned out.

                              30% addtl off sale items runs thru today I believe, with code "FIRSTMATE".