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So what do you do for a living?

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    Sales Engineer with sys admin / computer security / networking background working for a firm that designs and manufactures IP based video surveillance systems.



      Real job: Director of Recruiting for a small staffing firm outside of Annapolis. We primarily place IT, but have clients call for everything from C level executives to electronics technicians.

      Fun job: I run a website called Bowties & Boatshoes, and hold a very small stake in Starboard Clothing Co.

      Hopefully one day the fun one will pay more bills than the real one!



        @RHStansbury, you should totally offer a discount on and bring back that meredith tartan bowtie. That's just gorgeous.



          That is a favorite for sure, we only made 2-3, and the wool is long gone. I will see what I can do about a discount, but didn't want to step on any toes by offering one. If it isn't an issue, please let me know.




            Email Joe about it on the main site to see about getting it on dappered. You could put something up here in the threads under our Swap & Shop section.



              Information Systems Manager that is lucky enough to work with a team that is trusted by upper management to really let us do whatever we want that makes business sense. Currently working on a couple fun projects (VDI, DR colo, Shoretel VOIP, FOIP and getting our redundant ISP set up with BGP)

              Looks like we have quite a few IS guys on here...



                Am I good to put something in swap and shop without Joe's OK? Or does everything need to be cleared from him first? (Been on enough boards to know that I need to ask for permission and not forgiveness).



                  Business Analyst working in Public Sector / Healthcare out of Boston. Other background - Technology / Web Operations in Higher Ed and A little bit of telecom ..

                  after a few years of tees and denim / shorts at work, I'm required to dress up (shirt, trouser, tie) for work now. I'm slowly building my wardrobe and simultaneously starting a journey towards a slimmer, healthier me..



                    emergency medicine resident.

                    trying to class up the er with a tie and vest now and again. usually resorting to wearing kind of fitted scrubs and being called a hipster for it



                      Anyone can post stuff for sale or swap on here. Our deals around the web sticky thread would be a good place for a discount too



                        I'm a sales associate at banana republic and a college student I pretty much have to dress nice and it really helps set me apart from every other 19 year



                          I am working on a master's degree in international affairs. My focus is more in economics and other business-oriented subjects than in history, political science and stuff like that, though I love pretty much anything with an international focus. Traveling is my #1 passion. I also tutor K-12 students in math and reading. Pays well, can set my own hours--great for my unsteady schedule.



                            Morning all,

                            I work in DC as federal contractor for one of the ABC agencies.

                            Site Engineer is my official title, but that means anything from software application testing/installing/training, to rewiring high production print machines, to monthly house cleaning of all of my PC/Network equipment deployed on the production floor.

                            So for me it is mostly nice jeans paired with a button down and a sweater of some sort.

                            I normally wear a different pair of shoes/boots everyday to break up the "uniform", so that gets me regular compliments from others.

                            I have recently added chinos and cords to my rotation, so that had been a nice addition.

                            Most of my IT co-workers dress the same, a few wear ties regularly; I do not since I am around machinery.

                            I have a small watch collection as well, which helps add that small touch to my outfits.

                            @RHS - nice website; I live on the Eastern Shore.



                              I'm a publisher for a medical/sciences publisher. Coat and tie for me on most days.



                                I'm surprised at the utter lack of representation from the journalism industry!